F1 2021 Concepts Designs Revealed

Finally, after months of delay, with concerns whether F1 would actually drastically change in 2021, as promised, there is some clarity over the aerodynamical design of the 2021 spec cars. During a speech by Ross Brawn where he discussed some of the purposes and ideals around the models, the philosophy behind these new designs was expanded; make F1 more "exiting" with an improved "raceability". In attempt to achieve this F1 have proposed three new concept car's all with the potential of being on the grid for 2021.

Concept's 1 and 2 don't look to dissimilar to one another, nor the current 2018 cars, seemingly an evolution, suiting the continuous evolution of the F1 cars, with a far more sleek chassis that integrates the halo into the car far better and more aggressive sidepods, yet, Concept 3 is quite the different approach. More of a revolution than an evolution, Concept 3 looks more like a car the has travelled back from the future and allowed our technology to be inserted inside of it; aesthetically looking incredibly futuristic with more aerodynamical influences inbetween the front and rear tyres and a more extreme front and rear wing than Concepts 1 or 2. These new designs have encourage the current drivers with Lewis Hamilton posting on his Instagram story "This **** looks dope. I'm def going be driving if cars look like this... just please bring a V12 or V10 back".

The main differences, 2018 vs 2021: A more aerodynamic halo. A sloping front wing. More aggressive wing endplates. A sleeker undertray. Rear fenders that are integrated better into the rear wing. Appendage to reduce turbulence. 18-inch wheels.

Also, the controversial DRS overtaking aid has not been confirmed whether it will remain on the 2021 cars.

Concerningly, Force India technical director Andrew Green believes that the 2021 cars "will look nothing like this" believing that F1 teams desire to be the quickest on the grid will hamper the intended artistic approach as, according to Green, "The car at the front of the grid is usually the best looking car, regardless of what it looks like". This leaves fans hoping that these new designs are not just marketing scheme's to draw attention to the sport but will actually share some sort of resemblance to the cars on the finalized 2021 grid.

Concept 1:

Concept 2:

Concept 3:

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