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F1 2021 Is About To Turn Into A Kamikaze War

Are we about to witness one of the nastiest title fights?

8w ago

For the past few years, all F1 fans were wishing for a proper title fight between current champions, Mercedes & Lewis Hamilton, and top contenders Red Bull Racing & Max Verstappen. Well, the fans' wish came true this season, as Mercedes & Red Bull currently have the fastest two cars on the grid and the gap between them varies from one track to another but it is very close.

That being said, Max & Lewis have been battling it out on the track since the beginning of the season and exchanging wins. They came close to each other multiple times. But last weekend, at the 2021 British Grand Prix, they collided for the first time in a big controversial crash on lap one.

The crash split the fans' decision on whose fault was it? But, we won't get into this now as this crash might actually be the beginning of one of the nastiest title fights in recent history.

The Mercedes Camp believes the crash was a racing incident and Hamilton didn't deserve a penalty in the first place.

While the Red Bull camp believes the penalty that Hamilton incurred during the race didn't do justice to the crime committed. Crashing out your #1 title competitor in a 51G accident and hospitalizing him isn't worth just a 10-second penalty. Given that Hamilton is in the fastest car once Max was out. Helmut Marko went as far as requesting a race ban for Lewis Hamilton.

This left RBR feeling robbed 25 or 26 points in the championship. Christianne Horner called Hamilton's driving "Dirty Driving" & dirty tactics from Mercedes. But if it comes to "Dirty Driving & Tactics", two can definitely play this game. If Lewis Hamiton & Mercedes want to play rough, RBR can do the same too.

RBR feel they were incurred a DNF for reasons out of their control, which might lead them to desperately get back at Mercedes with the same. Causing Mercedes & Lewis a DNF in the next few races will do more justice to RBR. Asking Checo to take out Hamilton in a race might become an option on the table for RBR even if Checo gets a race ban, Alex will jump in the car when needed. However, if this type of tactic takes place anytime soon, it will cause mayhem in every single race till the end of the season.

Mercedes might respond by asking Bottas to take out Max when he gets the chance and will replace him with Russell for a race if needed. This will make the 2021 F1 title become a Kamikaze war between the two. Who can take out their opponent the most with the cost cap is in place?

If RBR go extreme in this title fight, all hell will break loose. Which will let us witness one of the nastiest title fights that will go down to the wire till the last race. What do you think? Share your thoughts about this in the comments below so we can have a discussion.

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