F​1 2021 vs F1 2020: New features explained

A​nother year of Formula One, another official F1 game. Here is a guide to what's new, including details of the exciting Braking Point career mode.

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A​s the 12th game in the official franchise, you would think that the Codemasters ideas tree shed all of its new feature fruits many moons ago. The reality is that F1 2021 adds something more substantial than mere incremental updates.

T​hat feature is called Braking Point. It's a minigame that involves not over-tightening the wheel nut. Just kidding. It is a story mode that has you playing as an F2 driver who wants to make it to the big time, starting in Formula 2 in the 2019 season.

W​ith cut-scenes, character dialogue, trials and tribulations along the way, Braking Point aims to add emotion and depth to the racing game genre, mimicking the rather excellent Netflix series Drive to Survive.

U​nfortunately, the F1 2021 demo used for my video (click play if you know what's good for you) does not include Braking Point hence not showing it or passing any judgement. What I can say though is that proper writers were brought in to make it hit you in the feelers.

F​1 2021 arrives on the 16th of July 2021, on PC (via Steam), PlayStation and Xbox. Next-gen optimisation is a thing for those with the fanciest PlayStation and Xbox, as is a 10 per cent discount if you bought F1 2020 digitally.

Three F1 2021 versions exist. The pre-order edition comes with various digital goodies including 5,000 PitCoins and customisation gear. The Digital Deluxe adds access to 7 legendary drivers from F1 history such as Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher.

T​here is also the standard edition, which is, erm, standard. The aforementioned Digital Deluxe edition has a unique benefit in that you can play the game from the 13th of July. Just in case you cannot wait or want the competitive edge in multiplayer.

A​s for handling, Codemasters says to expect the most simulator-esque game in the series. From playing the demo version on PC, I will say that even when using a controller there is a more intuitive feel to the cars. That and a visual boost make it a potential winner.

W​atch my video and check out other videos on the A Tribe Called Cars YouTube channel for more driving game and real car goodness. I will be doing a more in-depth F1 2021 when I get my mitts on the full version so stick around for that.

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