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F1 2021: What Do I Think Of It?

In Short, I think it's quite rubbish.. Let Me Tell You Why.

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Henlo mates who happen to read my blithering nonsense, it's been a while. So F1 2021 by Codemasters, under the notorious name of EA (Electronic Arts) has released the latest addition to the Formula 1 Game, of F1 2021 and many have been "moderately" excited I should say. Many content creators such as Aarava, Tiametmarduk, JimmyBroadbent, etc have started their go at playing F1 2021. Ofcourse, now given that everyone usually starts with either A: Braking Point Story Mode that is about 6-8 Hours long that has CGI-Animated Cutscenes with voice acting that is "alright" and return of some characters like Devon Butler and Lukas Weber (albeit a side-man in 2021 sadly). Or B: Playing the Career Mode that is pretty much the same thing as last year with minor differences in the R&D ordeals. I'll go into speaking specifics to cover them, but not entirely as I will provide a video for those.

1. F1 2021: Braking Point Story Mode

So the story mode, or "Braking Point" features 2 new characters that lets you choose between 5 teams to start with (generally junior teams), and you start from the 2019 F2 Season to the 2020 F1 Season, then 2021 F1 Season. So far this mode seems rather interesting with the developing story between Casper Akkerman and Aiden Jackson as the two main characters, along with your one and only "Devon Butler" the guy who literally wants to bully you at any time possible. This mode mostly consists of scenarios where you have to do certain things like overtake certain drivers, or recover from a puncture or to simply finish a race until a cutscene occurs. Overall this story mode is fun for what it is. That said, there are some points that really make it obvious that the devs are a bit out of touch with the community. (Put aside from the cringy part of the menu-area between each event to check the social media tweet log like part, and doing phone calls.) But overall if you ask me, I prefer Casper Akkerman's character buildup. [Spoiler: I really felt irked that they did not record any other person or rather the ACTUAL driver's voice lines in this whole game, felt weird seeing Hamilton and Verstappen's models not say a THING at the last part to congratulate the two, also its weird to hear the drivers PANTING so hard over the radio which we do not hear from the actual drivers unless they crash, and hearing Jackson PANTING into my ears for every radio message is a little silly (in a funny way) to me]

2. F1 2021: So how are the details? [Tire Model-Physics-Graphics-Sound-etc]

While I won't go too far into detail, as I'm only basing this off of things that were said from content creators and what I've seen. The Tire Model/Physics seem to be a tweak from last year, but I hear many have issues with the kerbs this year and its been making many QUITE upset with this game. (Especially with tracks like Zandvoort/Albert Park). Graphics seem to be another touch up but still with the absence of VR features that people have been asking for, but I honestly doubt it'll come to players. The sound design of the game, seems alright but they even went out of their way to use recorded audio of the actual cars for the Braking Point game, but those sounds are NOT reflected on the playable cars... (WHY??). Plenty of features that were present in previous games have been removed, like Championship Mode, and Classic Cars and Track Changes to Albert Park, or Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya are not reflected in the game, and new additions like Jeddah Street Circuit are not added within the game as well as any changes to the current 2021 Calendar in the actual sport. (I can sort of understand why, but in the same time, they had these tracks come in last year as well in the 2020 Season, so the excuse is sort of dim. ESPECIALLY knowing the tracks that already exist are quite poor in quality and do not reflect their current layouts and details, one that especially angers me is how contrasting Spa-Francorchamps is in the F1 Games, in comparison to other games that have it correct.) The Damage model in F1 2021, while they added floor damage, rear wing damage which is nice... granted it's nothing noteworthy sadly...

3. So What Can You Do In F1 2021?

Basically, I'd say do as the content creators do really... and aside from the ESports Scene, for any casual player there is no hope to see here folks, it's just another F1 Game in it's dry state that has a place for dedicated fans, but not to the average sim player or much less casual racers. Course your opinion may differ from mine and I will respect your opinion but by no means is that an invitation to come poke me with a 6 foot spear. Only being able to drive the 2021 F1 Cars, and while Braking Point has the 2019 F2 Cars, 2020 F1 Cars and not allowing us to drive them outside of that mode, is an irritation in and of itself. It honestly seems like another one of those "rushed out the door" games given that it's a yearly-release game, and with EA at the helm, I am very worried of the future of this franchise alongside Dirt and Project Cars. (Granted Project Cars already took it's poison with PC3 and PC on Mobile, forgot it's name cause of how legitimately vile it is.)

4. Videos?

Sure Thing! Heres what THE RACE had to say about the game. Link

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