F1 2021 - What do you think of the new regulations?

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The F1 Community got their first proper look at the new regulations that are coming into play in 2021 today. With everything from new aerodynamic designs for the cars so that overtaking should be easier to cost caps for the team to level the playing field ($175m per team excluding driver salaries, advertising and salaries of the top three people in the team, e.g. team principle), fewer upgrades to cars over a race weekend and more standardized parts amongst other things, there was a lot to digest from today's big reveal.

All of these new rules and regulations are said to be brought in to make the sport more competitive and give the fans a better experience, whether you're at the race or watching from home.

So with that in mind and as everyone begins to get their heads around all the upcoming changes, I want to know what your initial thoughts are on all of it. Do you think the 2021 overhaul will indeed improve F1? Is there something you would have done differently? Or is F1 just totally fine as it is?

Let me know all our thoughts and get the discussion going in the comments below.

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Comments (3)
  • Guess they had to start somewhere, though as usual there will be those who say the proposed changes don't go far enough (i.e. agree to budget cap but tighten the regulations so that say, of the $175m, teams are limited to $50m on aero). Hopefully the next step is for Liberty to ensure that the entire grid gets some air time during races, Williams sponsors need bang for their buck as much as Petronas etc..

    21 days ago
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  • A missed opportunity to remove the financial bias towards Ferrari with the golden purse and also remove the Ferrari veto. For all the additional money they get, they still don’t win championships. Make them equal and redistribute the money to the other teams. Then we will see how they compare to the other teams. Ferrari aren’t anything special, just another race team.

    21 days ago


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