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F1 car designer Gordon Murray is working on another super car

And it is said to include a legendary engine, the V12!

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While other automakers are busy creating new eco friendly substances to power vehicles,. Gordon Murray Automotive have made a very old school super car based off the McLaren F1 of which Gordon Murray designed.

It even had a central driver's position, a naturally aspirated 3.9l V12 that produces 654 BHP that can rev up to 12,100 RPM so the T.50 has everything that a true old school super car possesses. Another feature that the T.50 has is that it is very light even lighter than the other modern based V12 Super Cars.

Apparently (according to GMA) their next car will be called 'Project 2' this would make sense as this is their second model. Although they have made more than one car they were both T.50s therefore a fresh new model to add to their line up would be very cool.

Not unlike the T.50, the Project 2 will have the same V12 from the T.50 but this will be GMA's last naturally aspirated vehicle. Which means they will either be Turbocharged or supercharged. It is evitable that GMA will have to switch to fully electric or other means of eco friendly fuels.

This is what Gordon Murray said, "We've looked very long and hard at future regulations, the emissions targets, and we can get one more normally aspirated car - not just a non-hybrid, but a non-turbocharged. With the money that it cost us to build the V12 and the transmission for scratch, we've got to try to get a little bit back."

Gordon Murray Automotive

Gordon Murray Automotive

The T.50 costs around £3 Million and the 'Project 2' will not be as powerful which will mean it will cost much less. GMA has promised that the Project 2 will not be as much as the T.50 as that is their Halo car. GMA have also said that their cars are also very expensive due to the fact that they only ever make 100 units of each model so the majority of us have reached the conclusion that the Project 2 will not be a casual £200,000 like a Lamborghini or McLaren it will cost around £1 Million to £2 Million.

The Project 2 is going to be released at the earliest in 2023 or 2024 after every T.50 car has been built so we will have to wait two to three years until this car will be put into production. However after some of the naturally aspirated ICE Project 2s specs have been built, GMA have said that they will develop electric and hybrid powertrains.

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