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F1 fans positive about net zero carbon step as per survey

The sport aims to balance the output in 10 years time.

1y ago

F1 says as fan survey undertaken by the sport shows that 71% take the net zero carbon step as a genuine one and not a marketing ploy.

When F1 made the big announcement of the sport wanting to be net zero carbon by 2030 and stage all events sustainable by 2025, there was mixed reactions from the fans, media and also within the paddock. Majority saw it as a positive change but few disagreed.

Considering the carbon exposure F1 has, whether during the race weekends or when the teams/drivers/officials travel around the world, fans took the step as a marketing gimmick from Liberty Media and a target which they could never achieve.

At the same time, some took it positively, especially drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, who have spoken about it for long. Another reason for fans to take the step otherwise was not understanding the meaning of 'net zero carbon'.

It essentially says balancing the carbon output with sustainability and not eliminating the output on the whole. Ever since the news was out, F1 undertook a survey through f1fanvoice.com, where 3500 fans were asked different questions regarding the step.

The survey had 90% of the fans expressing concerns about the environment where 60% claimed to participate in sustainability activities. The major point was that 71% took the step as a genuine idea and not a marketing ploy by the sport heads.

The survey also showed that 75% of fans were aware of F1’s sustainability announcement, where 82% appreciated the efforts and 59% feel more positive about the sport. Importantly, 60% were willing to change their behaviour towards sustainability.

Since F1 is the pinnacle of motor racing, so 66% fans agree that the sport should be leader of sustainability and 62% believe that the step fits with F1's technology-driven ideology where 63% feel that the sport is right platform for innovation in sustainability.

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Comments (3)

  • Formula 1 is about to head down the same path that NASCAR did ... “appeal to everyone” including non race fans. NASCAR is now the series of “who cares?” and F1 will be joining them very soon if their direction really becomes green and political. There already is a political race series called Formula E. These cars are pathetically slow and must race on extremely shortened tracks to give the illusion of excitement. If F1 includes politicians and climate change extremists to its new business model ... say goodbye.

      1 year ago
    • And how is F1 going to be slow by adopting to efficient technology which they already have to a certain extent?

        1 year ago