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F1: George Russell LOSES IT after being questioned about future during interview

Fans of F1 saw and heard George Russell losing it after being questioned about his future, with most believing it's down to a "done Mercedes deal."

7w ago

George Russell has lost his cool and struggled to contain his laughter when he was questioned by Lawrence Baretto during pre-race weekend interviews about his future. Russell was asked how talks were going with Mercedes team boss, CEO and manager Toto Wolff during pre-race interviews in Hungary. The Brit was then seen and heard struggling to contain excitement, most of which are putting it down to a signed Mercedes deal, while some are thinking that Russell's stoked for nothing or stoked for a Williams contract extension. Fans of Bottas are still wanting to think that Bottas will win a one-year contract extension, while others believe that a deal between Russell and Mercedes is just waiting to be announced.


Valtteri Bottas and George Russell in the press pen in 2019 (C) F1

Valtteri Bottas and George Russell in the press pen in 2019 (C) F1

Valtteri Bottas being dropped seems plausible to most F1 fans, though some fans that converse on the unofficial Formula 1 Discord server and other social media generally swing in Bottas' favour. If the deal swings in Russell's favour over Bottas, Bottas' only realistic options would be dropping him down the grid, with options at Williams Racing and Alfa Romeo Racing. Alfa Romeo is said to be holding an interest in Bottas should Raikkonen retire and Bottas get dropped, while Williams could be persuaded to take back their former driver, who they lost in 2017 to Mercedes, replacing Rosberg after his shock retirement, despite releasing promotional material of Valtteri Bottas and Lance Stroll before losing Bottas, as nobody expected Rosberg to retire and Bottas to take his place. But this is F1 so who knows what could happen? We saw Perez get given realistic options and linked with Williams, Alfa Romeo and Haas, though Will Buxton had jokingly predicted a wild prediction of Perez moving to Red Bull, which has actually become a reality. Maybe something similar could happen to Bottas, though unlikely.

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  • Bottas is a very good number 2 and rear gunner for Hamilton. I suspect that Hamilton would prefer a solid number 2 instead of a challenger to his status quo but that is just a guess tho.

      1 month ago
    • I agree with you. Through, I also feel that a young driver like George would be good for publicity and marketing. He has also proven to be a really good driver many times. So he many start a new era for Merc?

        1 month ago