F1 in 60 Seconds - '50 shades of dull and grey' - Russian Grand Prix

37w ago

Welcome to 'F1 in 60 seconds', episode 3.

A whole F1 race in 60-seconds. This week's Russian Grand Prix was not Mission Impossible!

Aside from a lap 1 safety car and a few tussles for places at the back and middle of the field, yesterday's Russian Grand Prix was just as dull and grey as the surrounding area

Needless to say I managed to get the main bits of yesterday's race into 60 seconds ... quite easily!

Hope you enjoy it

Let me know in the comments below.

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Comments (7)

  • Nice, easy one this week.

    I’m disappointed you didn’t mention Stroll stacking it again.

    Other than that, lovely.

      8 months ago
    • It was the easiest one by far ;-)

      I gave him a glancing nod ;-)

      Thank you ... I even managed to add some Russian music underneath ;-)

        8 months ago
    • You certainly didn’t have to speak at 500mph this week!

      I did notice the music! Not my kind of thing really, but I bet that’s not a surprise lol

      Passing nod is about right! He does seem to be a “bin it or finish 4/5th” kind of guy lol

        8 months ago
  • With all the action going on in the middle and back of the field, I thought it was more entertaining than people are giving it credit for.

    At least you could get it all easily into 60 seconds this time without passing out from lack of breath 😂

      8 months ago