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F1 - Mexico City Grand Prix

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Hamilton seems to have the flair of getting in the lead, establishing a comfortable buffer between him and second place, and then driving carefully in order to minimize any mistakes for the rest of the race. But it isn't just luck or at least not bad luck like we see with many of the other racing teams. Hamilton seems to be cruising with the right tires at the right time as well as an impeccable team of mechanics so that he doesn't need to second guess how the car is going to perform. No, Lewis just gets out on the track, makes sure that he has enough sunblock for the day, and then cruises to the finish line.


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Sebastian, a four time formula 1 world champion... this poor guy has to worry about everything this year. People from his own team crashing into him? His car falling apart on him? I'm not even sure he got his best picture up on Wiki (see above). Although he seems to remain mild mannered; I can't even begin to imagine what is going on in his head.


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What can we say about Max?... Well Max and Ricciardo are definitely holding the reigns over social media with their high jinks and shenanigans off the track during their International tour! They show how team mates have fun after work. But when Max gets back on the track he is a wildcard. He seems to have the tenacity needed to do whatever it takes to make it to the podium. Red Bull certainly has the team to bring excitement to the sport.

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F1 Quick Info for today's 3PM EDT race in Mexico City

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Driver Standings

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2017 Mexico Grand Prix | FP2 Highlights


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