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      F1 Mobile Racing: My Soother for Formula 1 Off-Season

      I finally managed to review the game

      I am finally sitting to write about this because the dopamine levels in my brain have been soo high I couldn’t be bothered about what happens in the world or in my life. I have discovered the off-season soother till the next Formula 1 season starts.

      The New Formula 1 mobile game or F1 Mobile Racing is one of my new favourite racing games. I can now have my own (virtual) formula 1 car and drive it around the various tracks, put whatever graphics I like and even my own livery (what is included in the game). You get to match up against players in the real world whom are on this very game and have to compete against them and the goal is to win - Obviously.

      Similar to other games a win gets you ahead in the leagues. You start at league 8 and climb to League 1. The higher you climb the more number of circuits and parts get unlocked, if you lose many races and do not make the points cut off you do get demoted in the leagues.

      I have to say the graphics are great camera angels are awesome, I have set my camera angle to cockpit view. And all tracks on the calendar. The realism is amazing you get DNFs you can break your front wing and suspension - I have done that. You get DRS we all know what happens here, and if you cut the corner you get automatically held at a certain speed for 3 seconds. The tutorial runs you through the game so you don’t have to worry about the gameplay or race styles.

      However here is the horrible part - You can be forced out of track and end cutting corners as a reaction to avoid collision. And the AI controlled cars won’t be the ones doing it, it will be the other racer you match up against.

      My DNF for when I got rammed on the start of a PvP race

      My DNF for when I got rammed on the start of a PvP race

      This is the only bad part. I do not like some of the racers whom I am matched up against, they race dirty and honestly, should be stabbed for making a game like this unenjoyable at times. They also pin virtual cars that can affect your race as they swerve off their programmed race and bump into you making it harder to race and enjoy the game but that’s the only bad part.

      My favourite part of the game is single player mode you pick your track, race style and the number of laps you want to do. The maximum is 5 laps a bit less I was hoping for 10 or 15 laps as max or even a proper race that simulates the actual distance covered for that track.

      I have to confess I got this game when it released and have been sitting on it since the past month and a few days. The number of bugs have been reduced - great!!, there are more liveries you can play around with, all the tracks on the this past season’s calendar are available and if you can spend some money you can purchase your favourite drivers car. It is my new favourite racing game on my mobile and it's free to download and play.

      Just so you know if you do download the game and play it and while matching up you come up against a name KILLMONGER with race designation as RAU and driver number 4 - You are racing against me, My car is below just so you know :-)

      Neat look right?

      Neat look right?

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