F1 Power Rankings: 2019 Season

The Driver Who Took The Top Spot May Surprise You

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The 2019 Season of Formula One is officially over, with Lewis Hamilton taking his sixth World Championship - but was he the best driver of 2019? Find out in the rankings below.

20: Robert Kubica (5.5/10)

It wasn't the fairytale return for the Pole after missing Formula One for eight years, having been out-qualified by his rookie team-mate George Russell at every round of the year, but will have the highlight of scoring Williams's sole point on the season in Germany as he heads to DTM.

19: Lance Stroll (6/10)

There were some bright flourishes from the Canadian in his first season with Racing Point, however overall he was significantly outplayed by his team-mate Perez.

18: Romain Grosjean (6/10)

Sure, he made mistakes, but Grosjean had a tough season due to the fact that the Haas was undriveable in the second half of the season.

17: Kevin Magnussen (6.5/10)

He only scores higher than his team-mate due to his amazing start to the season. The Dane, if you can still remembered, qualified P6 in the first two races of the year, taking a P6 in Melbourne. How things change.

16: Antonio Giovinazzi (7/10)

For his first-full season, Giovinazzi had a tale of two halves. In the first, he was on average half a second behind his world championship winning team-mtae Kimi Raikkonen, but in the second half, the Italian Ferrari junior was close to matching his team-mate, scoring well and consistently, with the highlight of the season being Brazil where he finished a career-high P5.

15: George Russell (7/10)

A strong debut season for Russell, with his charge in the midfield in Hungary, but was quite hard to get a read on the Brit. Roll on 2020.

14: Daniil Kvyat (7/10)

His season may have fizzled out near the end, but the Russian had probably his best season barring 2015. In his remarkable comeback season, he claimed P3 in Germany, Toro Rosso's first podium for eleven years.

13: Pierre Gasly (7.5/10)

Like Giovinazzi, it was a tale of two halves for the Frenchman. At Red Bull he struggled, but ever since he was demoted to Toro Rosso after the Summer break, the Frenchman was at times leading the midfield. And that P2 in Brazil.

12: Nico Hulkenberg (7.5/10)

11: Sebastian Vettel (7.5/10)

Not one of Seb's finest to say the least. He was marred by occasional mistakes, however there were flashes of brilliance. Canada, Austria, and Germany were all highlights, but were marred by mistakes at France and Silverstone. However in the second half of the season the German visibly raised his game, winning in Singapore, dominating Russia until an MGU-K gave up on him, but his highlight must have been that pole lap at Suzuka. Not strong, but building blocks for 2020.

10: Sergio Perez (8/10)

It was a poor start to the season for Checko, mainly due to the lack of speed in the Racing Point as they had less time to develop their 2019 car, however in the second half of the season he dominated the midfield, scoring in all but one race since returning from the Summer break at Spa, accumulating 39 points in nine years. Highlight will probably be P6 at Spa.

9: Charles Leclerc (8/10)

Bahrain. Spa. Monza. Silverstone. All signs of a future champion. Leclerc had a strong debut season at Ferrari, taking two wins, however there were still some flashes of youth that needs to be handled before he can truly challenge for a title. Highlight of the year must be Monza.

8: Kimi Raikkonen (8/10)

With Kimi returning to the midfield, we weren't sure whether or not he could stay at the front like he did with Ferrari, but we were wrong to doubt him. A strong start to the season saw him placed sixth in the championship after the first five races, with Austria being a highlight (see above), battling with Mercedes's and Ferrari's. At Germany, he showed the mettle that won him twenty-one races, and P4 at Brazil was a perfect way to end a great season for the veteran 40 year old.

7: Lando Norris (8/10)

Rookie of the year? Very close indeed for Lando, who had some flashes of extraordinary brilliance, like Austria where he was racing alongside Hamilton. That would probably be his highlight.

6: Daniel Ricciardo (8/10)

Sure, Ricciardo is nowhere near where he was with Red Bull, but at least his car is half reliable. At the end of the season, he had a strong flurry of results, enabling him to finish a respectable ninth in the championship. The highlight will be that P4 at Monza.

5: Alexander Albon (8.5/10)

Who would have thought that by the end of the season Alexander Albon would be at Red Bull challenging for podiums? Not me. But it was a debut season that was close to perfect. Pit-lane start to P10 at China was impressive, but the P6 at Germany in wet conditions was particularly stunning for a rookie.

4: Valtteri Bottas (9/10)

Without a doubt Valtteri Bottas's best season to date. Four wins, five pole positions, matching his team-mate Lewis Hamilton, and a second place in the championship. Australia, Suzuka and Austin were simply perfect races from the Finn, as he looks to challenge for the title in 2020, which is now a serious possibility.

3: Max Verstappen (9/10)

Verstappen's best season to date. When motorsport historians look back, this will be seen as the season where Max Verstappen matured into a proper racer. Though the Red Bull had a slow start to the season, he fully proved his mettle in the absolutely mind-blowing Austria. In Germany, he kept it clean in the most chaotic race since 2011 Canada. In Hungary, he nearly beat Lewis Hamilton in a straight-up duel, and finished the season with a dominant win in Brazil. Wow.

2: Lewis Hamilton (9.5/10)

Do I really need to explain why?

1: Carlos Sainz Jr. (10/10)

A smooth operator indeed. Sainz may have had a bad start to the season with reliability problems, but boy of boy did he dominate later on. P6 at Monaco was the first sign of the Spaniard's run of eight top six finishes in fifteen races. Truly stunning. P3 at Brazil was a highlight, but so was P5 at Germany and Suzuka. Truly stunning.

So what do you think? Did Hamilton, Verstappen, Sainz or Bottas have the best 2019 season? Or was it someone else? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Comments (30)

  • It was a smooooooooth operator! Smooooth Operator! Legend.

      1 year ago
  • Sainz clearly best season his was inferior but his skills were not ... Albon best rookie and most impressive when he was in toro roso China race pure class

      1 year ago
  • 14th for Kvyat is a bit too harsh - he took P3 at Germany!

      1 year ago
    • Thanks to his team only he was running out of the points and his team did the change perfectly. Not him

        1 year ago
  • Leclerc should be higher, and so should Albon. Albon was the best in '19.

      1 year ago
    • Top ten is about where Leclerc is considernig the zig-zag season he had. iT HAS to be sainz for me.

        1 year ago
  • Smooooooooooth operator

      1 year ago