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  • nicely designed with clear scope to develop. loving the colours as well

    11 months ago
  • Well, while most people are probably furiously typing away at their local native f1 sites and boards, this here seems not to get a sting from the Renault livery. But if it had stripes, the colour scheme would have been a bee and Lewis could have moaned his Muhammad Ali 'Float like a butterball'( yes I know) chant at it. If and/or when the Hulk finally get's his podium in it.

    That said, I'm surprised by this car for now. Haas has shown they're creating instead of copying and good on them, Williams in their turn seems to understand the engine and what it needs and have gone a new way in aero terms. Red Bull has gone postal and reinvented the wheel with tweaked sidepods, minor air intakes (as in way small) a Jessica Rabbit engine cover, good looking back and WW2 aggressive look in general. Sauber has, in my opinion, gone classic F1 with a livery that I like very much. I've seen people fall over themselves, criticising the lack of aero on the car. Yet I looked at what they did they last few years and remembered what they did between 2011 and 2014 and thought that they may be on to something here. They know what they're doing. And then this Renault bee thing. It's got the same flow to the back (the Jessica Rabbit back) that Red Bull's got, so I guess the engine allows for that. But it doesn't have any of the nifty things of the other cars we've seen. I mean, the livery's cool, don't get me wrong, but when Renault says "it may take aslong as 3 years to get back to the top", do they really want to?

    I sure hope that Renault will add some techy stuff to the car so they don't look like they've just invested into new recruits rather than an F1 car. But then again, if the Bee (yes I have just named it) can chase down the Bull, the Prancing Horse, The Silver Arrow and perhaps (if we're lucky) the What_the_F*#@_cLaren have built, I'll stand corrected.

    As long as the engine holds, I'm not going to be too much of a critic towards Renault

    11 months ago


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