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Formula 1 and the FIA have revealed details of the 2021 engine plans proposed to the teams.

The plans were revealed at a summit in Paris attended by the sport's governing body, the FIA, F1's owners, Liberty Media and 'current and potential Formula One manufacturers'.

Although the roadmap outlined contains a commitment to maintaining the road relevancy of F1's power units, an intention to increasing the sound and reducing the cost of the sport's engines has been confirmed.

As part of the proposals, F1's power units will no longer include the MGU-H component - which recovers heat energy from the turbo - but the MGU-K will be made more powerful.

In a bid to improve the sound of F1 cars, a 3000rpm higher engine running speed range will be introduced. The reduction in volume and pitch of the current era hybrid engine introduced in 2014 has been a big criticism following the noise of previous V8 and V10 generation engines.

Work will continue for another 12 months on the exact details of the engine specification, with the FIA stating "the design and development of the complete power unit will not be possible until all the information is released at the end of 2018".

The statement added: "During the remaining part of 2017 and 2018, the FIA and F1 will also work with the teams to establish power unit test and development restrictions as well as other cost containment measures."


The 2021 power unit to be a 1.6 Litre, V6 Turbo Hybrid

3000rpm higher engine running speed range to improve the sound

Prescriptive internal design parameters to restrict development costs and discourage extreme designs and running conditions

Removal of the MGU-H

More powerful MGU-K with focus on manual driver deployment in race together with option to save up energy over several laps to give a driver controlled tactical element to racing

Single turbo with dimensional constraints and weight limits

Standard energy store and control electronics

High Level of external prescriptive design to give 'Plug-And-Play' engine/chassis/transmission swap capability

Intention to investigate tighter fuel regulations and limits on number of fuels used


F1 managing director Ross Brawn: "The 2021 power unit is an example of the future way the FIA as regulators, F1 as commercial right holders, the teams and the manufacturers as stakeholders will work together for the common good of the sport. The proposal presented today was the outcome of a series of meetings which took place during 2017 with the current teams participating in the FIA Formula 1 World Championship and the manufacturers who showed their interest to be part of the pinnacle of motor sport.

"Also, we've carefully listened to what the fans think about the current PU and what they would like to see in the near future with the objective to define a set of regulations which will provide a powertrain that is simpler, cheaper and noisier and will create the conditions to facilitate new manufacturers to enter Formula 1 as powertrain suppliers and to reach a more levelled field in the sport.

"The new F1 has the target to be the world's leading global sports competition married to state of the art technology. To excite, engage, and awe fans of all ages but to do so in a sustainable manner. We believe that the future power unit will achieve this."

The teams themselves are yet to formally comment.

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Comments (49)

  • These are going to sound like crap. They're just being and thinking they know what we should want and like. We want N/A V8's or V10's, we don't want turbos. It's not exciting at all anymore. Hamilton, Vettel, and Verstappen are outspoken in saying they want V12's or V10's. The fans want them. Some of the teams want them. It just shows this is a sport that doesn't cater to the fans, the drivers, and teams. They'll tell you what you're going to get, "and you'll like it". They've destroyed the legitimacy of the sport. F1 cars aren't about representing what road cars are. They're supposed to be spaceships on wheels with things so unique from road cars that it gives that sense of excitement from them being unlike anything else on this planet. And they've destroyed that sense of awe.

      3 years ago
  • I miss the old insane screaming V10 engines

      3 years ago
  • The phrase" road car relevant " is the problem, the governing bodies need to realise that no one gives a crap if their Prius gets an extra 2 mpg due to F1 tech.

    Sport does not need to mirror normal life, my gym shoes have Usain Bolt tech but I am still yet to do the 100m run to the bus in under 10s.

    Loosen the regs, go cheaper N/A again and let the teams decide V6,V8,V10 or V12 the mix of sounds would be awesome.

      3 years ago
  • Why can't we have smallish capacity V8 with some if this hybrid nonsense to make it appealing to wankers who know nothing about the sport. F1 is about speed, noise, exotic engines and glamour. Not a Prius with a aero kit.

      3 years ago
  • Fuck that shit, good old strait-6 with twinturbo 1000bhp minimum, just to actually make it fun watching again.. the cars doesnt even go that fast anymore..... when was the last time someone hit 360km/t at Imola in a f1 car?

      3 years ago