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F1 Season Till Now: The Backmarkers

Summarising the season so far of the Backmarker Teams: Alfa Romeo, Williams and Haas.

Who are the Backmarkers?

Backmarkers is basically the term used for the team's that are too slow to even contend in the Midfield Battle. These teams usually struggle for points on a regular basis and at times dont score any points the whole season. These Backmarkers for the 2020 season are: Williams, Alfa Romeo and Haas.

Alfa Romeo

Team Kimi have not really been the strongest in terms of speed this season. The Ferrari power units teams have struggled for Pace and Alfa Romeo is no different. Rather we have seen Alfa Romeo qualify in the Bottom two, many a times with Kimi in P20. It is truly heartbreaking to see a team much capable to be a solid competitor in the midfield to be dragged in the mud due to their performance this season. Alfa's have usually been the Black Horse in Formula 1, Snagging up points when everyone least expects them to. However this year that is not the case. The car is so slow that Kimi fell from P3 to P13 at Monza in a matter of a few laps, and we all know that Kimi is no Slow Driver. Alfa need to re evaluate their stance in Formula 1 and start actually working on their car.


Haas. The American Team that shocked everyone since their Debut. Now, They are a Backmarker. Another team being shunted by the Ferrari Power unit, Haas is still at fault for being slow. Last years VF-19 itself was very slow, and Haas is very capable of making barely any adjustments to their awful car and go on with it in 2020. I mean if they couldn't change their GOD AWFUL driver Line up of Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean (HUGE Facepalm) for so long then this team clearly has an issue with evolution. The surprise 1 Point K-Mag scored at Hungary by pulling off a stellar drive. Guenther Steiner and company really needs to stop smashing doors and start smashing the track times if they want to come back as a Midfield team.


Williams have been the feel good sad story of Formula 1. Despite the fact that they are still among the slowest, they have improved drastically from last year. Latifi and Russel still need to push hard to even get into Q2, but its safe to say that this year they are strong enough to claim points in a regular race. Now the sad story is that their Primary Sponsor, ROKiT, departed from the Williams Livery, which means Financial Crunch. This means that Williams needs a lot of money, and needs it quick. Solution: Sell the Team. Dorilton Capital acquired The Williams team, and shortly after this announcement Claire Williams Said that the Williams family will now step back from the management of the team. Sad to see this, But it's the bitter truth. As long as the William's name remains in Formula 1, we can always be grateful to this Heritage team and even root for them to make a comeback.

Side (Somewhat Important) Note

This is Part 3 of a 3 Part Article. Part 1 (The Big 3) and Part 2 (Midfield Battle) are already out. This article was scheduled for Sunday but after the Madness of the Italian GP i think every F1 Fan needed to sit down for a moment. Be sure to check the other articles as well.

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