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F1 Season Till Now: The Midfield Battle

Summarising the season so far of the Midfield Teams: Renault, McLaren, Racing Point and AlphaTauri

What is the Midfield Battle?

The Midfield Battle refers to the Titanic War between the Midfield Teams in Formula 1 to achieve the title of "Best of the Rest." Midfield Teams Usually comprise of the teams that are too slow to logically be in contention for the Championship but can regularly contest for points. For the 2020 Season McLaren, Renault, Racing Point and AlphaTauri are currently contesting in the Midfield battle. I would have included Ferrari but I have already mention their performance in the First Section of the 3 Part Article, The Big Three.


The Renault Powered 2019 Best Of the Rest team have continue onward in 2020 with a strong showing. With the Absence of Ferrari's Pace, The Midfield battle is now Hotter than ever but still being led by this team in the Papaya Outfit sitting in a Surprising third Position of the Constructors Championship. The Team started the season with a Bang in the form of A Podium with Lando Norris on the 3rd Step at Austria. However There has been a noticeable lack of pace after the first few rounds. Their One Lap Pace is just enough to get them inside the top 10 of qualifying but their race pace seems far better. With Ferrari on the Back Foot we should have seen McLaren consistently in the Top 6, alas that has barely been possible. Carlos Sainz having a horrid start to the Season and the Tight Midfield has started to endanger McLaren's lead in the battle and have started to struggle in recent times.


Renault did not have the strongest of starts in the season specially when compared to their rivals, However the Duo of Daniel Ricciardo and Esteban Ocon has seen this team make a comeback. This can be clearly portrayed in the Belgian GP itself, where Daniel Ricciardo Not only took 4th but also put in the Fastest Lap of the Gran Prix, While Teammate Esteban Ocon took 5th. Renault had been actively involved in the Protest against Racing Point and their RP20, However those protests have been withdrawn and since then Renault looks like a more focused and committed team, Aiming for the Best of the Rest Title.

Racing Point

Racing Point has been THE midfield team this season. After the Whole "Pink Mercedes" Issue, They were fined 400000 Pounds and 15 points were taken away from them. Now Since Baby Stroll had to give up his monthly pocket money as a fine, Racing Point have undoubtedly been quick. Stroll, Regardless of how undeserving of an F1 Seat may be, Has finally regained form of his Formula 3 years. Perez has been Quick as always. The Team also gave us the much needed Glimpse of Nico Hulkenberg after Sergio Perez was tested Covid-19 Positive. The Team may have been dubbed Tracing Point but they are sketching up their 2020 Season to quite possible end up as a Masterpiece.


The AlphaTauri team set some bold targets ahead of their Somewhat Debut season, This However hasn't gone According to Plan. The car is quick Without a Doubt, But it is rather overshadowed at times when looked at the other Midfield Teams. Pierre Gasly has been Blisteringly Fast in his Navy and White Outfit. Racking up a decent amount of times and Looking to redeem himself after Last Year's Red Bull Demotion. The Torpedo on the other hand.... I mean we can all see that Kvyat is slow this year. This is causing major point losses to the team, As they currently sit in 7th with Majority Points amassed from Gasly. The Team needs to buck up if they want to have any Hope of beating the likes of McLaren, Renault and Racing Point in the near Future.

Side (Somewhat Important) Note

This is Part 2 of the 3 Part Article I am writing. Part 1 has already Published (The Big 3) And Part 3 (The Backmarkers) will be Published on Sunday (6th Sept). Make Sure you check out the other articles as well. If you are reading this Article after 6th September 2020 then all 3 Parts have already been Published.

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