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F1 shares special logo to celebrate 70 years of the sport in 2020

It all started in 1950 and F1 is to celebrate its 70th birthday all-season long.

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Marking the new year in style, F1 sent out a late press note, revealing a new logo where they are to celebrate 70 years of its existence in 2020.

As we enter into 2020, F1 kick-started the preparation for the new season by releasing a new logo, where they are to celebrate 70 years of its existence. Having started its journey in 1950, the sport has grown in leaps and bounds which Liberty Media wishes to highlight.

The special logo will feature on all of its digital platform from January 6, 2020, onward. Its press note also adds that this is only the first part of its year-long celebration and more details will be released as the season progresses.

Explaining the logo, it stated: "The two lines in the new logo and interlinked design allow this mark to honour those tracks. Another aim of this design is to allow broadcasters, promoters, sponsors and teams to inject their own colours into the mark providing a level of personalisation in celebrating the anniversary across F1."

F1 wishes to celebrate the 33 drivers who have won the world championship and also the 108 who have won grands prix races. In doing so, they are not to forget the 764 drivers and over 150 teams who have been part of the pinnacle of racing.

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