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Formula 1 boss Chase Carey insists F1 should not be a "soap opera" with compromise needed in the debate over future engine rules.

In what is being viewed as Liberty Media's first big challenge since completing their buyout of the sport in January, F1's three leading engine manufacturers have reacted negatively to a 2021 engine blueprint presented last month.

Ferrari have threatened to quit if they do not agree with the direction the sport is headed, while world champions Mercedes and former title winners Renault have expressed reservations about the cost of the new units.

Carey answered fans' questions on a range of issues about the future of the sport during an appearance in the Sky Sports F1 commentary box during Practice One at the season-ending Abu Dhabi GP.

On the thorny subject of the 2021 engine rules, F1's chief executive said there were "differing views and we recognise that" but stressed the sport's stakeholders and teams needed to keep talking.

"Those sort of discussions are probably better had privately between partners than in public," he told Sky F1's David Croft and Anthony Davidson.

"This is always been a sport that seems to enjoy talking first and acting second.

"And we're part of that; we have to discipline ourselves to try and act first and talk second and we believe we can find the right compromises that will benefit everybody."

Public rows and controversies over rules have been commonplace in the past in F1 and put to him that the sport can sometimes resemble a 'soap opera', Carey replied: "Drama in many forms creates interest for fans and creates interest for everybody.

"That being said, we are first and foremost a great sport - we are not a soap opera. We are a great sport, with great heroes, great stars, great competition and world champions and we should be that first and foremost and not a soap opera.

"Some drama is okay but we've got to make sure we're building a sport that delivers all the excitement and drama that a great sport should."

Ferrari have threatened in the past to pull out of F1, but remain the only team to have competed in every season since the world championship was inaugurated 67 years ago.

Carey made clear he hopes that long relationship continues into the future.

"Ferrari is a great part of the sport and a unique part of the sport," he said.

"They are an incredibly valued partner and we look forward to trying to move the sport forward in a way that works for all of our partners.

"Ferrari is obviously special."

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  • F1 now being run by adults.

    1 year ago
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  • For all the speed and technology it's the human aspect that keeps us watching.

    Regardless of what they do, there will always be hero's and villains and we will love and hate accordingly.

    1 year ago
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