F1: Super Detail - Ferrari SF70H 2017

- Paoli wheel gun, a standard item customised to be super powerful and with buttons to confirm the wheel chaage is complete
- For the first practice session, an accellorometer sensor was fitted to the front wing
- Ferrari's unique high topped sidepods, the shape maximises the undercut below the inlet to push air down over the floor
- This strake along the floor's edge, used to be unattached at its tail, thus was subject to flapping over bumps. Now its connected both ends, a tiny slit half way along its length makes it a legal 'opening'.
- Fuel filler! connectors allow fuel to filled, emptied, FIA samples taken and a breather fitted
- Rear wing mounting wrap in a 'Y' around the central exhaust. The wastegate pipes exits either side of it. Gold foil to reflect the heat and protect the carbon wing mounting
- Coke bottle floor area, slots in the floor direct jets of air to prevent the tyre's wake upsetting the diffuser
- the unavoidable gap between the tyre and diffuser is sealed with jets of air from the slots and fins ahead of the tyre.
- Another view of the sidepod's undercut. plus the bargebaords that also direct air along the flank of the car.
- Rear crash structure houses the tail light, with a little aero flap over it!
- cooling is adjusted with these small cockpit side panels. Too many openings like this add drag and cost top speed
- The new front wing for Austria, the main differents are the larger arches in the leading edge. These don't create downforce, but create vortices that push the front tyre wake from the rear bodywork!
- Front suspension; The horizontal unit prevent the car squashing down at high speed and under braking. The two linked blades are the anti roll bar
- Brembo brakes, used for stopping at over 5g, the complex ducting helps cool the hardware, but also used for some aero trickery
- One of the brake aero tricks is the open axle, air is blown from the inlet scoop through the axle and out through a duct. it has no cooling effect, but works with the frotn aero to push the front tyres wake away from the car!
- Wing Mirror, seems simple? the small dot is an infra red camera used to measure front tyre temperature around the lap!
- More fins. these front ones turn the rising airflow downwards towards the sidepods and rear wing. in doing so, they create some lift at the front, but this is overcome by the overall better airflow
- Winglets, known as 'Monkey seats' behind the exhaust, benefit from the fast flowing exhaust gasses and push the airflow upwards under the top rear wing.
- Even the bottoms of the rear wing endplate are broken up into fins and the small metal spacers between them are shaped to direct air out the back of the car.

Delving into the tiniest details that make up the current Ferrari F1 car, as seen at the Austrian GP

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