F1: Super Detail - Renault RS17

- The RS17 being worked on in the put garage on the Thursday before the race
- The nose and front wing are all tyical F1 designs. The thumb tip on the nose is result of rules that madate certain cross sections (explained in another post)
- From this angle you can see the outer span of the wing is given over to creating the outwash that pushes the wing's wake around the front tyre
- As with most teams, the front axle is hollow and houses a inner duct that blows air straight out, this helps with the front wing in creating the outwash around the front tyre.
- New rules this year allow far larger and more complex bargeboards along the side of the car. Renault have some of the most complex parts in this area
- Two things here; 1, the tall pitot sensor to measure air speed over the car 2, the outlet is an S-duct, this is fed from an inlet under the nose, which cleans up the airflow below the nose
- Safety 1st, Green light is the ERS status light. The light next to it is the marshall light and signals if the car has had a big impact. The housing pointed at the driver, is a FIA safety camera and records the drivers head movement in major crash
- More safety under the roll hoop, the "E" is fire extinguisher hoop and the bar between the headrest and roll hoop is to allow the sling to pass through from the crane to lift the car off the track
- T-wing, Renault introduced this three-plane winglet in Monaco. As this sits in a loophole in the rules, there's no limit to the numbe rof elements you can run!
- Rear wing angle is adjusted by changing these spacers for ones with a different offset.
- Brake discs, up to 1500 holes can be run in the carbon disc to allow it to cool sufficiently
- Gearbox casing, this is far longer than reqiured, as the gear cluster itself is tiny. Teams prefer long wheelbases for better aero performance. Renault's is still made in cast titanium
- Front suspension and the (gold coloured) steering rack.
- Steering wheel, six paddles are for gear shifts, clutch and compound functions (i.e. DRS, overtake settings etc)

Delving into the tiniest details that make up the current Renault F1 car, as seen at the Austrian GP

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