F1 to introduce five new graphics in the coming months

F1’s Director of Data Systems, Rob Smedley, has told the media that we will have some more exciting graphics on our TV screens this season

11w ago

After getting the awesome ‘F1 Team to FIA’ radio insight from the Spanish Grand Prix last time out, F1’s Director of Data Systems, Rob Smedley, has told several media outlets that we will be having five new graphics in the coming months on our TV screens.


This graphic will be shown at the start of a race and show the different lines they take going into Turn 1. Rob Smedley said: "By bringing in computer vision, this is really exciting for me. This is the first time in our partnership that we're going to bring in computer vision to look at the lines and the trajectories that the drivers are taking."


We all know that F1 achieves sub-two second pitstops but this new graphic will show what the driver does while in the pit-lane. It still isn't clear what this graphic will exactly show.

Energy Optimisation

This is the most exciting graphic and Smedley said that he has enjoyed working on it. The Energy Optimisation graphic will show the performance of different units of the F1 engines just like we see in the F1 game. WOW


In this season's title fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, we have seen that pit-strategies have played an intriguing role with the teams going for an undercut or an overcut. This graphic will tell fans as to what a undercut is and how it affects the race.


As the name suggests, this graphic will show how much performance the driver is able to eek out from their cars by combining braking, cornering and acceleration data. "We're getting behind the actual lap time, which tells us part of the story, but doesn't tell us all the story, because you don't know how each and every driver is exploiting the car. This next graphic is going to be able to tell us that," said Smedley.

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Comments (4)

  • Though the AWS graphics provide very interesting insights, they are not representative. The tyre performance graphic is a great example of this. Pirelli has said that the graphic is false and Lewis Hamilton has put in fastest laps after being shown to be on 'dead' tyres. AWS tries to quantify things that are very abstract and can't be put into numbers. Further, some of the information, like energy management is only available to the teams and I don't understand how AWS will tell the users about these.

      2 months ago
  • I know most will be happy for more graphics/information. Clearly more information will be great for fans and more insightful as well as opening f1 up even more. But, here comes the however, I would like them to try and get it more competitive whilst yes this season has been better with red bull taking the battle to Mercedes and but let's look at why they can't follow to overtake, get it more competitive will make it even more interesting for fans and maybe more affordable to go and watch.

      2 months ago
  • A graphic to show a car is under threat of an undercut? Announcers make that clear before an opposing team even pits. Not sure how beneficial that will be.

      2 months ago
  • That will be brilliant to especially see how drivers are changing options in their diff settings on the engine, i think races will be much more futuristic and we can see all the action from everywhere!

      2 months ago