F1 US GP's 'neeow' sound provider seems to have been found on Twitter

1y ago


The fan who may have interrupted the F1's world feed during the US GP with the 'neeow' sound has been found by another fan on social media.

When the world feed panned across to showcase the fight between Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen, a strange noise was broadcasted on the TV with plenty of fans hearing 'neeow' on top of the commentator's voice.

Several of the commentator's acknowledged the impressions made by someone unknown at that moment while few chose to ignore. Post race, the F1's social media feed then officially recognised the sound as fun.

Weeks after the incident took place, a fan named Luis Baeza has claimed that he has found the fan who made those sounds on the live feed while watching the action from the famous tower at the Circuit of the Americas.

There are microphones installed on the tower to catch the sound from the F1 cars but the fan used it for fun as shown in the selfie video posted by Luis on Twitter on Thursday in response to the F1's 'neeow' tweet.

The noise seems to be a mix of 'neeow' and 'meeow' as can be recognised from his facial expressions - and he knew what he was doing. There were few who replied stating he didn't but Luis clarified it was in fact him - whose name though hasn't been revealed.

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  • neeeew to you too buddy 😂 one of the moments that made this gp what it was... freakin’ awesome

      1 year ago