F1 Youtuber Aidan Millward contracts COVID 19

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11w ago

The very Youtuber who brought "story time", "Pressing Issues" and now "The Racing History Podcast" has been diagnosed with COVID 19.

Millward announced on Twitter that he had contracted the disease after struggling for breath, he sent off for a COVID report and it came back positive.

Millward is mainly known for his "Story Time" series on Youtube, in which he brought to us the weird, wonderful, wacky and now demonetised stories, from the real world of motorsport. Unfortunatly mid way through 2020 his series was demonitised due to containing copyrighted images, meaning it was spiritually continued in "The Racing History Podcast." Millward also does plenty of sim racing, although his SIM was not the major draw to the channel. Millward even won the a celebrity E race at Zandvoort last year.

Millward currently has 64.8K subs and counting with 100,000 right around the corner. And Millward is not about to let some germs prevent him from making it. He'd updated his tweet recently saying, "Breathings been much better today, in fact, I’d call it normal. It's just the grogginess and fever now I want to f*** off." So please go off to his twitter and give him some support. He needs it right now...

Oh and Aidan if you're reading this...



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