F​1's First Mugello Race

    W​hat are the talking points in the Tuscan hills?

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    T​ is for ... Train

    A​s exciting as it is to come to Ferrari's heartland to race around the historic Mugello, Qualifying is likely to be the thrilling part of the weekend. The tight, twisty track will prove a massive challenge for drivers in qualifying, as they hit more than 5G through corners, and of course a spectacle for us viewers, however the race is likely to be a more solitary affair.

    The only real overtaking opportunity is Turn 1 and the track's layout is essentially a speedy Monaco, the track is likely to punish drivers (as Lando Norris discovered as he lost the back end, spinning out and hitting the barriers in FP2) .

    U​ is for ... Uncomfortable

    M​ugello is a track synonymous with high G forces, with highs of 5.6G in practice session 1 and 2, meaning drivers are likely to feel the 59 laps. Kimi Raikkonen recalled having "no neck muscles" in his famous test session 20 years ago and having to take a break every 3 laps or so.

    Daniel Ricciardo said: "I’m really excited to drive a modern Formula 1 car at Mugello.

    “I think all our necks are going to want to fly off because of the changes of direction and medium to high speed corners!"

    S​ is for ... Scuderia 1000

    ​Ferrari's 1000th race coul isd be a painful one, as the Prancing Horse has seemed slightly lame this season, however the Italian outfit is keen to mark the occasion sporting a fetching new maroon body and both drivers wearing celebratory helmets.

    M​recedes gave a nod to their old rivals by painting the Safety Car a Ferrari style red, which is likely to be the only time we see a red car leading the pack this weekend.

    T​he Scuderia's 1000th race is also marked by the return of fans as 1000 are allowed into the grandstands, of course adhering to social distancing guidelines.

    C​ is for ... Chief aka Simon Roberts

    T​he Ex McLaren Managing director is taking on the role of Team Principal for Williams this weekend, after the family left the team after selling to Dorilton Capital, while the new owners find a suitable replacement.

    A​ is for ... Aston Martin

    T​he name's Vettel ... Sebastian Vettel

    S​orry ...

    ​Sebastian Vettel has a thing for historic names in the car industry it seems, after losing his drive at Ferrari before the season even began Vettel's options seemed to be thinning fast but this week, ahead of Ferrari's 1000th race (not saying anything), Seb has confirmed the expected and signed for Aston Martin for the 2021 season.

    H​is comments on his future team suggest he has strong belief in the project and thinks he can be fighting for podiums and wins in 2021 and can potentially be a Championship contender after the 2022 rule changes.

    O​f course the signing leaves Sergio Perez out of a drive, after 7 years with the team and having essentially saved the careers of his teammates, however the Mexican appears to have solid options with both Haas and Alfa Romeo for 2021 and is keen to stay.

    N​ is for ... New Tracks

    M​ugello marks the beginning of "new" experiences for the drivers as 4 of the next 6 races are at new tracks for the 2020 calendar, including returns to iconic tracks such as Nürburgring and Imola and the brand new experience of the Algarve International Circuit in Portugal.

    N​ew tracks always present a challenge to teams so we might expect to see a few surprise results in the races ahead.

    G​ is for ... Graining

    T​he main hope for an exciting Tuscan Gran Prix is the high tire wear meaning we expect to see that elusive 2 stop race.

    H​igh speed and long corners mean both the drivers and tires are under massive strain and with very little in the way of overtaking opportuinities, engine overheating may give drivers a headache.

    P​ is for ... Punishing

    A​s Lando Norris discovered, this track bites. High speeds and little runoff means a mistake at Mugello will more than likely lead to an embarrassing walk back to the paddock. Small mistakes are heavily punished also as running wide onto the gravel or a spin will more than likely ruin a set of tires, as Sebastian Vettel discovered in FP2.

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