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F2 & F3 Announce New Weekend Formats

Three races per weekend are just the beginning...

Today, both Formula 2 and Formula 3 released their revamped weekend schedules that will come into effect from 2021 onwards. Both are pretty similar in their formats and as both won't be taking place on the same weekends from next year, it's not too much of a surprise.

So what's new? Let's take a look.


In Formula 2, there will be one practice session on a Friday which will be 45 minutes long. Following this will be a half an hour Qualifying session to determine the grid. The same goes for Formula 3.

Four Championship Points will be awarded for Pole Position in both F2 and F3.


Saturdays in 2021 will see Formula 2 have two Sprint Races. Both will run for 45 mins or 120kms. Now this is where things get interesting. The grid for Race I will be decided by reversing the top 10 times from Friday's Qualifying session. Then for Race II, the top ten from Race I will be reversed.

Points in both races will be allocated as follows:

1st = 15 Points.

2nd = 12 Points.

3rd = 10 Points.

4th = 8 Points.

5th = 6 Points.

6th = 4 Points.

7th = 2 Points.

8th = 1 Point.

Formula 3 will see the same qualifying procedure but their two Sprint Races on a Saturday will be 40 minutes in length, so slightly shorter than in Formula 2.


In Formula 2, there will be a Feature Race on a Sunday with the starting grid determined by the results from Friday's Qualifying session.

Points for the race will be allocated as follows:

1st = 25 Points.

2nd = 18 Points.

3rd = 15 Points.

4th = 12 Points.

5th = 10 Points.

6th = 8 Points.

7th = 6 Points.

8th = 4 Points.

9th = 2 Points.

10th = 1 Point.

Two Championship Points will be awarded in each race for the fastest lap - as long as the driver that gets the fastest lap finishes in the top ten. The same points allocation system will be used in Formula 3.


Finally, in Formula 2 6 sets of dry-weather tyres will be allowed per weekend. 4 sets will be of the "Prime" Specification whilst the other 2 sets will be of the "Option" Specification. There will also be 3 sets of wet weather tyres available.

Formula 3 is a little different as each driver will have five sets of dry-weather tyres (one more than previously) and two sets of wet-weather tyres.

Hopefully, that's all nice and clear. Nut shell version is, we've got more races from 2021 onwards and some mixed up starting grids which to me, sounds like an excellent recipe for a race weekend.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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Comments (3)

  • Whoa. On just 6 sets of tyres? Will be really tough I reckon on tyre management. But I'm a fan, so I love it!

      1 month ago
    • It should be a good learning curve for them and prepare them for F1 nicely. Am looking forward to the mixed grids too.

        1 month ago
  • Should see some "interesting" F2 qualifying sessions as drivers try to achieve higher start positions by being lower in the order - should be good

      1 month ago