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It all started in a bar.

Like all great stories, mine started earlier on this year 2017 in a bar in Lausanne, Switzerland. This was a typical monday night out, and I was doing what anybody would do in this situation: Drinking like no tomorrow. I was singing (quite loudly...), dancing (quite awkwardly...) when a friend from school came up for a chat. This friend, who founded Brosky Media, a media production company with two other partners, was talking about a passion project he had in mind. A kind of movie that would both celebrate cars and the beautiful Swiss landscapes. Back then, he knew I was working, alongside my studies, at Perego Cars, a high-end classics and sports cars dealership and was hoping for a collaboration between the two companies. Obviously, being slightly ebriated, I thought it was a great idea. I had already been exposed to their work and various productions, so I knew that their professionalism could result in something great. So, we talked a bit about possible cars to be featured. We needed something iconic, something that everybody knows, something that makes young and older heads turn. And there it was, we needed a Ferrari F40.

We needed something iconic.

Dipsy guy

Pitching the idea.

The next day, I woke and remembered the conversation I had with my friend. Now, I had to pitch the idea to my boss. How can I convince my boss to take a million Swiss Francs Ferrari, and go thrash it around on twisty mountain roads? But that's the thing, my boss is in his early thirties and loves this kind of stuff. Soon, both companies were ready to meet up and discuss the project. The F40 seemed like an obvious choice. It has belonged to the Perego family since it came out of the factory, it has driven many miles, it's an iconic car from Ferrari, and maybe has one of the most exuberant designs ever. Brosky Media's idea was to capture the beauty of Switzerland through the drive of a supercar, and take it to some of the most beautiful parts of the country. Something that has never been done. Additionally, we needed a story that could drive the movie and fortunately enough, my boss had many amazing anecdotes that could be told.

Praying for nice weather.

Shooting was scheduled in June, and like all summers in Switzerland, weather can be a bit skittish. We needed a day to film the car in the vineyards of Lavaux and near the famous city of Gruyere, and another day to shoot it going up the Grimsel Pass in the mountains. Eventually, it all started on a hot and sunny day, which was a bit of a struggle for the driver since the car has nearly no AC, and you're just cramped in there the whole time. Also, by stopping and accelerating all the time, the car was starting to overheat. So, we needed to take several breaks to chill princess F40 down. Later that day, we reached the idyllic area of Interlaken we got greeted by heavy showers. Despite massive condensation in the cabin, the car bravely went through the flooded roads, to safely reach our destination for the night.

The playground.

The next day, it was finally time to shoot and have fun at the same time. We took the car to what, we petrolheads call: The playground a.k.a rocky mountain passes. Even if the weather forecast wasn't on our side, we decided to keep shooting thinking that rain could add a bit more drama to the film. There, the F40 was like in its natural habitat, the tail-happy Ferrari was attacking every corner with so much ease, and we could finally stretch its legs a little. The weather was a mix of misty light rain, but the sun showed up every once in a while. Also, Switzerland didn't disappoint, the scenery was just stunning, and you get a sense that you've entered a new dimension. We had a blast, but it was already time to go home, and clean the car...

Obviously, these are only the "behind the scenes" of the movie. It took an extra week for the team to assemble the sound, build up the sequences, and put everything together. It's been a perfect association and I would like to thank Brosky Media and Perego Cars for their hard work. In a near future, we might do something again with different iconic cars. Maybe the Miura? Countach? 250 SWB? AC Cobra? Until then, sit back, grab your popcorns, and enjoy the movie!