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Fab four's Minis

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The fab four

Beatles don't need a presentation....I mean they are more popular than Jesus like John Lennon said once but a little reminder is always helpful.

Formed in Liverpool in 1960 The Beatles are a british Rock band, they are also called the Fab Four and obviusly is composed by four faboulous artist. John Lennon, Paul Mc Cartney, George Harrison and last but not least Ringo Starr. Their songs are pieces of music's history and they also are one of the most iconic British bands. Revolver, Sgt. Pepper's lonely heart club band, Abbey Road, The white album and more others Lp took them at the top of music charts. For more information click here to read what wikipedia say.

Back to the cars...

...In this case the Minis, because all of them are car lovers and there's a lot to say about but for this time I will focus on the Minis, after all this tribe is called old little cars...

Four luxury Mini designed for each Beatle by Harold Radford owner of the Harold Radford (Coachbuilders) Limited sited in South Kensington, London, As a presents from their manager Brian Epstein to celebrate the success of the band.

Paul Mc Cartney

A Morris Mini Cooper 1275 S from 1965 customized with Aston features like the headligths and the paint, which is an Aston Martin California Sage Green Metallic one. Other modification was the sunroof, the black leather interiors and halogen lights which was very rare at the time. The car had also fog lamps built in the grille and a inside map lighting feature.

Paul's Morrris Mini Cooper S from 1965

Paul Mc Cartney in his Mini

Ringo Starr

Ringo's Mini was designed following his particular requests, the body was modified to give him more space for his drum kit and the dashboard it's shaped in a Rolls Royce's style. The rear lightlamps are from a VW Beetle.

Ringo Starr

George Harrison

Harrison's Mini De Ville GT is the most interesting of the four, born as a black painted one and customized with a full-lenght sunroof, rallyfog lamps on the bonnet and tail lights of a VW Beetle.

After The Magical Mistery tour George was very fascinated by Hinduism and Indian culture, so he commissioned a paintwork ispired by the book “Tantra Art: Its Philosophy and Physics”.

"The fool" alias Dutch artists Simon Posthuma and Marijke Koger did the paintwork you can see in the picture below and in "The Magical Mystery Tour" movie as well.

Later Harrison gave the car to his close friend Eric Clapton, another rock's legend, who get rid of the artwork, After few years Mr. Slow Hand returned the car to George, obviusly after re paint it, sadly there was no detailed photos of the original one and the new paintwork was did using only old photos and footage from the MMT movie.

Mini for its fifty anniversary in 2009 made a special edition model inspired by George Harrison's Tantra Mini.

Eric Clapton and George Harrison's Mini

Magical Mystery Tour 1967

The original Mini of George Harrison and the new limited version.

John Lennon

John driving George's Mini

John Lennon Mini was a black painted Radford Mini Cooper De Ville with black wheels and bumpers, the seats was of the same color as well and the windows was pitch-dark tinted.

Harold Radford

Site in south Kensington Harold Radford's company was a long estabilished retail shop of Rolls Royce and Bentley cars, in the late 40's became famous for its coach building bussiness and changed name in Harold Radford (Coachbuilders) Limited. At the begin they made bodies for the new Bentleys with amendments to suit the rural lifestyle of the landed gentry and in the sixties they became best know for their luxurious versions of the Mini.

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