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Nissan announces new Nismo 'Heritage Parts Program' to support the R32 GT-R – and more...

3y ago

Owning an older car, particularly one from the '80s or '90s, can be a royal pain. Not necessarily because they're unreliable, or prone to rusting before your eye, but because certain makes and models can be almost impossible to source parts for.

Perhaps you've got lucky, though, and found an aftermarket supplier that remanufactures the part you want. You buy it, fit it, and then find out a week later that it's about as durable as blue cheese. These aftermarket parts, more often than not, can wind up creating more problems than they solve.

Nissan, however, is setting out to tackle this oft-annoying issue by launching a new 'Heritage Parts Program'. This division, which will be part of the company's high-performance Nismo arm, will supply official spares for myriad classic Nissans.

The first model to be supported will be the fabled R32 GT-R, and the company aims to begin producing reproduction components for other models in due course. So, R33 and R34 owners no doubt have something to look forward to.

Nissan says the project starts in autumn this year and that the new parts will go on sale soon after. Best start searching for that R32 project car, then...

Any excuse for a shot of the legendary Calsonic Skyline...

Any excuse for a shot of the legendary Calsonic Skyline...

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Comments (7)

  • Now Toyota needs to do the same so I can get parts for my MR2

      3 years ago
  • Please start making parts for the Pulsar GTi-R again!

      3 years ago
  • Dollars to donuts the vast majority of people who rice out their R32s will not pay for the more expensive factory parts and continue to install cheap parts

      3 years ago
  • What about the 240z? I need factory parts!

      3 years ago