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Fade into the abyss with the new Ford F-150

This 2019 Ford F-150 is made by Autoworld and is a perfect to scale 1/64 model!


This model has an opening hood and tailgate, which I will get to later, but for now I will say that this particular Ford F-150 has the 3.5 L twin-turbocharged Ecoboost V-6. The engine produces 375 horsepower and 470 lb ft of torque, which is downright awesome and are strong figures. The F-150 with this engine can tow 13,200 lbs and has twin inter-cooled turbo chargers for better efficiency and performance.



Front details and textures

This 2019 Ford F-150 is made by Auto world and if you don't know, they make incredibly detailed model cars. The headlights are painted in a sparkly silver and have orange painted signal lights. The large Ford oval is painted in blue with silver lettering and a silver outline. It looks amazing and it gives the truck a very realistic look. The grille is textured and painted black. The two separate bars are textured and cross into the headlights, just like the real truck. The fog lamps are painted silver and the bottom of the bumper is painted in black with line textures.

Engine bay

Yep this 1/64 scale pickup has an opening hood. Even my Greenlight trucks don't have engine details. Auto World is of high caliber and I highly recommend them. Anyways the hood is very sturdy and stiff which keeps it open and closed perfectly. The engine as I said before is the 3.5 L twin-turbocharged ecoboost V-6. The first thing you notice is that the coolant compartment is textured and painted in white. Even has a cap painted black on the top. The engine plastics and block is also textured to look like the real ecoboost V-6. The battery and windshield wiper fluid compartment aren't painted, but are textured and look decent. On the right side even the brake fluid compartment is painted. What you can see the most of though is the large intake manifold.

Side details and textures

To start I just want to say that I love the mirrors. Most of my Greenight trucks have plastic mirrors, which means they may snap off. However on this model the mirrors are metal and are a part of the body, so they will never snap off and are very durable. They are even painted in black with signals painted in white. On the other side they are painted in silver to give it the glass look. On the quarter panel lies the "F-150 Lariat" badge painted in silver and the correct font. You can see the fuel cap texture and the "Fx4" emblem on the rear painted in red and white. The tires are rubber and the base is metal. The wheels are replicated to look like the real wheels and have ford emblems painted in blue in the center. The model even has side steps with silver outlines.

Rear details and textures

The taillights are painted in dark red with white at the bottom. We see the Ford logo once again with silver outlining. The "F-150" lettering is engraved into the tailgate and the steps are textured. The model even has a Virginia license plate, which is a neat touch. The best part though, is that the tailgate fold downs to expose the lined-textured bed!


This Auto World Ford F-150 is absolutely astonishing and I highly recommend you add one to your collection if you haven't already. Auto World even offers a couple different trims of the Chevorlet Silverado and some older Chevy pickups that I think many of you will like. Thanks for reading and as always if you enjoy don't forget to bump and follow for more content daily!

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  • Absolutely. Auto World nailed this casting. And it has much better overall finish than the Greenlight counterparts.

      7 months ago