Fairlady Z432

Would JDM fans go for this RHD model from an American company?

There have been countless replicas of the Nissan Fairlady Z in 1/64 or 1/18, some with great looking detail and some that looks awkward compared to the real car. But last year, both M2 and Greenlight came out with 1/24 version of the Fairlady Z.

Since I am a 1/24 collector I decided to check on what M2 and Greenlight have to offer. Greenlight thru their Tokyo Torque series came out with racing liveries while M2 thru their Auto Japan went with the civilian version. Since I am not a die hard Z collector, I went with only one company and picked M2. Here is why.

Sure both of them look great but M2 went with both metal body and chassis while Greenlight opted for metal body and plastic chassis yet cost slightly more than M2. The fact that majority of the casting is metal gave me a feeling of nostalgia of the old days when toy cars were mostly metal and heavy. Of course unlike in the old days where lights and bumpers are molded with the body and painted to give it some detail, nowadays they do include separate plastic parts. This however makes the model a bit more realistic. Color did play a factor and I love this shade of blue.

M2 also comes with opening parts which gives me the option to display my collection with opened doors. While Greenlight does have opening doors as well, one thing they did not have is an opening hood.

Although not the most realistic, he detail on the engine still looks pretty good for display.

Here are the cons.

I did notice that M2's QC is still an issue as the first one I bought was missing a wiper so have to return it and had to wait a couple of weeks till another one showed up. Another issue which is somewhat of nitpicking is that since the windows on the doors are up so they can use it to simulate the chrome parts, there is some difficulty to open them. Would also have loved to have a realistic looking tag with actual license number on it to give it a more realistic look when being photographed. Would also have wished for the rear hatch to open.

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