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    Fairy Tale, reloaded II

    Today: Snow White and the seven dwarfs

    3y ago


    Snow White and the seven dwarfs wanted to go to town

    But Snow White was the only one tall enough to push the pedal down

    And although the seven dwarfs were very small

    The back seat just couldn´t take them all

    A bigger car they had to find

    So they would not have to leave some dwarfs behind.

    Finally a people carrier was what they got

    To go to town with all the lot

    But after the slow ride and endless tries to park

    The night had already fallen dark.


    Und die Moral von der Geschicht´:

    Hast du zu viele Zwerge, fährst du kein schnelles Auto nicht!

    (And the moral of the story: if you have too many dwarfs, you don´t drive a fast car, sorry!)

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    • on friday the 13-th i need​ some luck!!! 😃

        3 years ago
      • Good luck to you!

        I was born Friday 13th (seriously) - for me it´s always been rather a lucky day.

          3 years ago
    • Oh, that is great, thank you

        3 years ago


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