Fairy Tale, reloaded IV

Today: Little Red Riding Hood

3y ago

One sunny day, Little Red Riding Hood

Went to see her grandmother who lived in the gloomy wood

And because the distance was rather far

She decided not to walk but take the car

On the way she stopped to pick some flowers

But they were rare, so that took a few hours

Thus the battery ran flat and the car would not start

Turning off the headlights would have been smart

By chance there passed a friendly wolf

And helped to push start the stranded Golf

For the generous help and for decency´s sake

She offered the friendly wolf some wine and some cake

So if you break down and a wolf comes by - don´t bother,

Not every wolf wants to eat your grandmother.


Wenn du den Wolf einlädst zum Kuchen essen,

dann muss er auch nicht deine Großmutter fressen....

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