Faithful to Italian Addict Tale: Matthew's Fiat Punto HGT

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Repetita iuvant said the Latins, and we do not feel directly contradict them, in fact. We live self immersed in a dimension that transcends both the mere mechanical function is social, characterizing it almost like real life partner. This is the story of a boy and his car, with whom he shared almost three decades. Both have a few years on his back, a lot of paint on the skin, a gentle but energetic aspect, the awareness of having lived a thousand experiences and evolution. No colors anymore I want them to turn black (and shine).
"Repetita iuvant" said the latins, and we can not contradict them. We live cars Bringing them into a non-human dimension, transcending the mere Both mechanical function and the related social aspect, portraying them like true partners. This is the story of a guy and his 14 years old car, with Which he spent almost three decades. Matthew 50%, 50% Fiat. Both a little aged, both with plenty of paint on the skin, both tame albeit with a bold look, and awareness of having spent years of experiences and transformations. No colors anymore I want them to turn black (and shine).

The streets of Matthew and the point intersect in 1999: the range of small sports cars at that time could not count on numerous attractive models, so, fresh license and lover of Italian Fabbrica Automobili Torino, choosing a Punto HGT, from 1.8 130cv. To better understand the dynamics of this relationship is right to dwell on its second era car, a Uno Turbo with which participates in acceleration events. The engines and performance are an obsession for him: sold the One, it is now the turn of the Punto.
Matteo and the met each other point in the last year of the last millennium, in the 1999. Those years were sincerely not so glorious for the hatchback italian market, know Matteo bought what His beloved FIAT offered back then: a daily driver Fiat Punto HGT 1.8L 130hp. His love for the racecars has pushed him to buy a second FIAT, drag racing in Uno Turbo. Engines and the performance were His obsession: as he sold the Uno Turbo he started to work on the point.
Matthew decided to add to the Turin DOHC Rotrex a centrifugal compressor driven by belt, which, combined with increased injectors Bosch, front IC - now arising from a Grande Punto Abarth - complete intake and exhaust Hoermann delivers significant power surplus: about 200hp and 200nm already available at 3000 rpm.
Matthew paired to the twin cam engine with supercharger Rotrex That, along with Bosch fuel injectors, the Grande Punto Abarth front intercooler and an exhaust kit Hoermann, puts out about 200 hp and 200 Nm at 3000 rpm.

If passion for petrol remains unchanged the same can not be said of taste: the past is not a single year that something has not been revised, to internal and external level, until you get to its last redesign, it started in 2009 and recently finished. Matthew, after experiencing all kinds of editing, he began to attend more regularly, developing a new car's taste. It is therefore time to address previous cosmetic changes: via invasive bumper, side skirts and air intakes to return to the origins, almost.
Even though His interest in engines Has Been strong and stable since the early days, aestethic tastes evolved During time. Each winter many parts were substituted until the big restyling of 2009. Matthew joined community, developing a new point of view towards the looks.

When you meet the natural predisposition to remove the point Riccardo and Michele of Classic Car Fenili and the fussiness of Matthew was born a client-trainer relationship soon becomes stronger in close friendship. Plastic to plastic, detail for detail, the point he finds himself completely to pieces: each piece is smoothed and every molding, hole and the appendix is ​​removed: now the body seems to have been created from scratch, giving the idea of ​​facing the most to a It solidified fluid to a machine.
He contacted His Friends Michele and Riccardo at Classic Car Fenili to bring back to a modified condition € the bodywork: this was the start of an epic. Many parts, with no distinction between the most and the least visible, were upgraded, smoothed and painted: front bumper, hood and engine bay, sideskirts, fenders, doors and doorknobs, mirrors, roof, rear bumpers, headlights and blinkers. The final appearance reminds of a car covered in liquid steel and shaped by the wind.

The background orange and blacks sports interiors have been replaced by a pair of Abarth GP seats while the dashboard has seen the closure of the three tanks port objects. The original steering wheel has been reprofiled creating ad hoc an aluminum crown. Throughout the interior, including the sky, uprights, gear lever and handbrake, it was covered in leather and black alcantara, in full harmony with the exterior color. The passion for detail has been gradually be incremented to the point of being sewing bespoke interior mats on the HGTr logo and realize the knobs for the closing of the doors. A ceiling light resulting from an Alfa Mito, the air vents of a 147 and a Novitec kit for knobs, pedals and handbrake lever complete customization.
The older racing inspired interiors, black and orange, were Exchanged with a couple of Grande Punto Abarth seats while the dashboard was totally rebuilt: the big storage trays were closed and a layer of Alcantara was extended on it. The original steering wheel was rebuilt, and the external crown was cutted and reprofiled. All the other parts were upholstered with black leather and alcantara and the passion for the detail Became day after day an obsession: HGTr car mats, Alfa Mito roof light, 147 air drain and complete Novitec kit for doorknob, pedals and hand brake.

The structure department and circles has always seen Matthew embark on daring choices: the set of Work Seeker 8 × 17 with races and channels polished mounted until 2011 was a rarity in Italy but not allowed to lower the car body properly. The changing tastes meant that exclusivity and exaggeration cede way to the circle symbol of our passion: BBS RS 16 et 8 × 20 + 16 × 9 and 4 full polished with internal channels painted black and rubberized 205 / 40. To complete the process of perfection we find a complete set-KW Var.1, craft plates for adjustment of camber, powerFlex kit and a braking system with bells CTF-CNC, 4-piston calipers and 300mm front discs, to remind us that this does not point it is only a show car.
This point is not only a show car as you can imagine looking the photos: since Matthew started to work on the car, he wanted only high-quality parts. He bought a set of KW coilovers v1 pairedo to Work Seeker wheels, 8j x 17 "for full chrome finish Which were later Replaced by a set of BBS RS 16 × 8 and 16 × 9 on 205/40 with its classic polished finishing. To Obtain the best look Matteo installed camber plates, to powerFlex kit and a racing brake disk from CTF with ergal bell and 300mm front disks.

The engine does not shine only for power: the engine compartment is the protagonist of the whole creation. A complex work of polishing, moving, removal has made the engine clean, neat and shiny. The fins of the valve cover have been removed to create an extreme sense of cleanliness and order. Next door we find the oil cap, the auction for the level control and water trays made and polished by hand. The aluminum radiator has been completely rebuilt to better meet the engine's cooling needs. Also in the radiator area accommodated a new fully smoothed crossbar and closed and the bonnet release mechanism, the latter completely polished. The intake manifold, resulting from a Fiat Punto 1.8 was disassembled, reworked and polished to allow the housing of the new and increased throttle body. Blue sleeves were replaced by black while similar to polish each part has been polished: the strut brace to engine mounts and screws. Every component in the engine compartment or glitters or is black, which does nothing but increase the sense of cleanliness and care of creation.
The engine is a concentrated of power and beauty: it's the absolute protagonist of all the project. Each Part Has Been polished or substituted or switched to Obtain a tidy, shining and awesome engine bay. Some parts like oil and water tanks, intercooler, oil shaft were Specifically built to better Satisfy the needs of form and function. The intake manifold was taken by Fiat Marea and was totally modified to allow the correct assembly of the throttle body. All the metallic parts were polished and the plastic ones were painted in black to Obtain a show 'n shine look from a racing engine.

We honestly do not know any other person so determined to own and work hard on the same machine for 15 years. The strong bond that has developed between Matthew and his first car has overcome the difficult times, the many months spent in the garage without being able to run on the roads of the lower valance. As in any relationship is, however, now is the delicate moment in which one of the two partners tend to be distracted, to look elsewhere in search of new ideas. Because in life priorities change, and now a new woman deserves more attention, the little Nicole. However, as happens to stronger relationships and intense where is the sense of complicity to dominate adversity, Matthew has decided not only to continue to share his way with the point, but also to let them vent their corsaiola natured, reconverting many aesthetic changes to the OEM situation and not giving up even an engine horse. And they all lived happily ever after!
We sincerely do not know any other guys who spent 15 years upgrading the same project: like a human relationship the good moments alternated with not-so-good ones. This point has not run on the streets such as Matthew has always craved, but it has plenty of visitors amazed sticking out from other cars at car shows for a decade. Now we have arrived the sad moment in which one of the partners starts to think about a separation and, as we know Matthew, we are sure That this decision is really Suffered. Sometimes in life priorities change, and there is a new lady Which deserves every bit of care: his daughter Nicole. In the end, Matthew found a way to keep his car and enjoy it even blackberries: aesthetics will suffer a little, going a couple of steps back towards OEM status, but no horsepower will be spared from now on. Have a good life!

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