Falklands War veteran Simon Weston aims to get on three wheels

The burns victim needs your help to achieve his motoring dream

39w ago

British Falkands War veteran Simon Weston is aiming to achieve his dream of hitting the road on a motorbike.

Simon sustained life-changing burns when his ship, the RFA Sir Galahad, was bombed by Argentine forces in 1982, and his injuries and 70 resulting surgeries mean he can't operate the hand controls on a regular motorcycle.

Triumph has donated a Bonneville T120 which will be transformed into a trike for Simon by Welsh specialists Trike Designs – but the project still needs an extra £25,000 to reach completion. You can help by donating to Simon Weston's crowdfunding campaign.

"I have always wanted a bike, but wasn't allowed one when I was younger” explains Simon. My injuries prevent me from operating hand controls on a normal motorcycle, so could never ride one. This makes me more passionate than ever about the sense of freedom that riding a trike would give me"

To help out, click the link below.

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