Falling for this old Ford?

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It was time for my BMW to have a service on the motor and the brakes, so I contacted my local car workshop to make an appointment. I delivered it and just 2 hours after they called me, and said they wouldn't finish it today because there where some more things needed repairing. In the meantime I could borrow a car from them, free of charge. I meet the desk lady at the shop and she gave me a key and said "The white one around the corner"

What met me around that corner was a white Ford Transit Connect from 2004, rust on the sides and the "Ford" badge almost gone from the bonnet. It's was a far cry from my BMW 318d from 2011. It was a manual gearbox and the simplest dashboard I've ever seen. Cloth seats and an old car radio made the picture perfect. I fired it up, and it roared like the wild animal it was (irony). I drove out of the parking lotwith something that feelt like 16hp, and whent home.

Above is the car I got from the workshop, not a beauty, but okei for three days. After a little drive I discovered that there was a armrest on my right side, and I sat pretty comfortable. The ride wasn't that bad, and the gearbox was nice. Only thing it lacked some horsepower, but doesn't all cars at some points? The next day I used it commuting to work, it wasn't my BMW ... but I've driven worse. It started growing on me, I liked it more and more. It's plenty of space in the back, it has a towing hitch and I loved the armrest.

I checked the registration and it said that the workshop had owned it since 2014. And I started wondering, where have this car been the first 10 years of its life? It's looks a bit old, it's rust on it and dust everywhere inside ... but what adventures have this car been on? What places have it visited, and how many thing have it carried in the back? How many different persons have driven it? If only it could talk and tell me all the stories.

There was something about it I really liked, it was simpel, just what you needed in a car. It's could be the fact that it was a manual gearbox, cause my car has an automatic. Or maybe a mix of all. Don't get me wrong, I loved getting my BMW back. But I think there where some things about the Ford I loved aswell.

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