This Jaguar Mark 2 is a 1961, 3.8 liter model with 223 bhp (quite the getaway car back then). The owner has a very special bond with his car. In the same week he was born, his father bought this very same car new at the dealership.

After his father passed away, the car was part of the family inheritance. From that moment on it has been very well looked after. This car is in concours state, the paint is immaculate. In the pictures some glare can be spotted; this is probably due to its better-than-new state.

As this car is both a hobby and an inheritance to the owner, he is very careful with it. When we asked him about the driving experience and talked about the fact that the car was a speed machine back in its days, he told us that the car is not necessarily the speed monster people think it is. Changing gear is quite a job, the car has no synchromesh in first-second gear: pretty useless as a getaway car in our opinion.

The Polaroid images where taken with SX70 instant color film from IMPOSSIBLE. The Rolleicord color shots with Fuji Provia 100 slide film, and B&W shots with Ilford FP-4 PLUS.

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