Family saves their VW Jetta from Hurricane Florence floods!

Flood waters make people do some crazy things. They range from simply boarding up your house to apparently driving your car up into your house.

Debbo Green decided that the best way to protect his car was to get it up onto the family home's porch to avoid the flooding going on due to Hurricane Florence.

Photo Credit : LaSha Ross

With the potential for these storms to get quite bad, the family prepared in the best way they could. Debbo grabbed some planks and cinder blocks to make a make shift ramp. He then proceeds to floor it up the ramps onto the porch! Once he gets it up there, he has his wife drive while he pushes and eventually the team get the Jetta to safety.

Photo Credit : LaSha Ross

The wife stated that "My husband had a great idea to keep our car safe flooding and convert car power to the house electricity in case the hurricane got as bad as expected. The governor said to be prepared to be without power for days. We're just a family trying to prepare for the un-preparable."

We have to admit that at first it seemed like a very silly idea but we have to hand it to the family, the fact that they had electricity to charge phones, cook food, use lights etc and that they protected their car was a genuinely smart idea. It also looks as if it was the only car on the block that didn't go under water!

Photo Credit : Bianca Sinclai

We wish those impacted by the floods and the hurricane all the best and for a speedy clean up/recovery upon its departure.

If you would like you can donate to the flood affected residents and families here:

or here:

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Comments (3)
  • Function over form! Love it. Any car doesn’t deserve to be flooded I don’t care what anybody says, if you respect and treat a car correctly it’ll be sure to serve you for a very long time! #carlifesmattertoo

    2 months ago
  • Looking at the car itself tells me, it wouldn't have made much difference.

    3 months ago


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