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Prince Phillip's Range Rover is up for sale!

2y ago

If you watch the TV news regularly you'll doubtless be aware that when any world leader is in need of a vehicle it is only right and proper that they should be seen whizzing hither and thither in one of the premier automotive products of their homeland.

This week, another dreary G20 summit is taking place in Buenos Aries. When we see the politicians arriving, Angela Merkel will be in an S-Class Mercedes, Japan's Shinzō Abe will rock up in a Lexus, and Emannuel Macron will arrive in, oh I don't know, a Renault Laguna or something. You get the idea.

So when it comes to the business of moving the upper echelons of the British establishment around, it's pretty much a given that the Jaguar Land Rover group play a big part in providing the transport, and perhaps no car is more synonymous with the Royal Family than the Range Rover. Indeed, the Queen herself is know to enjoy piloting her own Rangie around her Windsor estate.

Her husband, the sometimes outspoken, often controversial, but never forgettable Prince Phillip is also a fan of LR's largest offering, and as such it simply wouldn't be right to have him driving around in anything but the latest and greatest model. That's why one of his old Range Rovers can now be found for sale at Bramley Motor Cars in Surrey.

The police-style lights and sirens have sadly been removed. I'm sure a clever new owner could put them back though...

The police-style lights and sirens have sadly been removed. I'm sure a clever new owner could put them back though...

Naturally, this car is in top-spec Autobiography trim. Finished in a suitably classy combo of Dark Sapphire Blue metallic paint with an Ivory leather interior and equipped with the 4.4-litre SDV8 engine the car was supplied by Land Rover to the Royal Household in March 2016.

Most importantly, the following month this very car was seen by the eyes of the world as Prince Phillip drove it, with the Queen in the passenger seat, to pick up the then-President of the United States, Barack Obama, and First Lady Michelle from their helicopter as they landed in Windsor on their state visit to the UK.

Unusually, this car retains the registration number it carried during its time in the royal fleet, OU16 XVH. Most of the cars that are sold on from the fleet are assigned new registration numbers. Why this Range Rover has kept its original plate remains unclear.

Unfortunately, the additional equipment only specified on royal Range Rovers has mostly been removed. The car no longer has its undercover police-style blue lights behind the radiator grille, nor does it have the siren or special side-steps which were fitted to allow Her Maj easier access into the lofty cabin. Though I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard for any die-hard Royal fans who might purchase the car to re-instate them, for show purposes only, of course.

Speaking of purchasing, to get yourself into this Range Rover you'll be needing a fairly royal salary. It is currently listed on the vendors website as 'Price on Application' but I hear on the grapevine that you'll need around £130,000 to seal the deal. Or to put it another way, £25k more than it would cost you to buy a brand new Range Rover Autobiography that hasn't had some of the worlds most famous bums upon its plush leather seats.

That's a big price premium. However, cars with a history like this rarely come onto the open market, and for some people, that kind of provenance is worth paying for.

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Comments (6)

  • My main take away from this piece is the fact that the Royalty drove a diesel, this... I don't even know what to say

      2 years ago
  • If the car is pictured carrying famous people around, and license plate is the same of course the price is fair... i would rather spend that ammount on this used car than on a new rangie for only one reason...who else at the pub can affirm that their car has had a queen a king a us president and first lady inside??? No one! Plus the re selling would be way more easy only for this fact...plus if you print the photos that show these people inside the car you have parked outside would make you win any bet!!! So you (theorically) can make money only owning that car :)

      2 years ago
    • Haha I like your idea! It’s definitely a cool piece of history, and something nobody else will have!

        2 years ago
  • It looks a bit bulletproofed and its sitting unusually low, no? Maybe that's due to my lack of RR knowledge.

      2 years ago
    • As far as I know this one has no bulletproofing, I think it's been left in the lower suspension setting for the photos, gotta get that stance...

        2 years ago