Fancy a widebody Lada? Just weld two of them together!

It just makes so much sense...!

10w ago

Have you ever been sat there one evening with a glass of scotch wondering what it would be like to own your very own widebody Lada? Well now you don't have to as these crazy Russians have done it for you.

The Russian YouTube channel Garage 54, famous for making a whole array of weird and wonderful creations has come up with a new project which might just be their maddest one yet.

What they have done is stick two Ladas together to form one 'widebody' example. In order to create this β€˜widebody’ Lada, the team began by chopping off the sides of the cars so they could be stuck together. They then lined them up against eachother and removed the wheels, brakes and suspension components and welded the two together.

But what you didn't expect them to keep on the two cars were both engines and steering wheels, meaning you can drive it from both sides AT THE SAME TIME. This is hilarious, until you are driving behind them and start to fear for your life.

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