Fancy an adventure? The Sahara Bug Rally could be for you!

Follow in the tracks of the Paris - Dakar across the Sahara Desert, in a VW Beetle, old or new, the choice is yours.

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If you've ever fancied taking your Beetle on an adventure, but feared break downs and bandits, then this is the trip for you. In spring 2020 Driven to Extremes are guiding a group of VW Beetles across the Sahara Desert. Teams must find and prepare their own Beetle, old shape or new; Driven to Extremes can advise on the best models and preparation needed. Alternatively, if you're a mechanical novice, or don't have the time, Mac and his team can find and prepare a car for you.

Why Beetles? Well if you've followed any of my previous travels you'll know that Beetles are incredibly capable, low budget, all terrain vehicles. I crossed the Sahara in a standard 1972 Bug named Poldi. Poldi didn't receive any special preparation at all, unlike Pedro, the Baja Bug that I drove across the deserts of Iran and Pakistan. I would recommend a sump guard but there's no need to go too crazy because this is a supported event where you'll travel in a group.

Photo: Mac Mackenney

Photo: Mac Mackenney

Driven to Extremes was founded by Mac Mackenney as a form of therapy for fellow PTSD sufferers, allowing them to find purpose by coming together to solve problems, work as a team and explore the world. Mac's team have supported expeditions all over the world in extreme environments and they will be on hand to assist with any problems that arise in the Sahara. Anyone can join the fun, all you need is a sense of adventure. You don't even need a 'suitable' car, last time Mac ran this trip the vehicle of choice was the Citroen Berlingo! He's seen sense this time by switching to Beetles as the preferred mode of transport but other vehicles will be considered on application.

Photo's from Driven to Extremes Berlingo Sahara Adventure

The rally sets off on 13th March 2020, so don't hang about if you want to book up. You can find out more on the Driven to Extremes website:


These kind of events are ideal for new drivers, or parent/child bonding. It doesn't even matter if one of your team doesn't have a license as, once you are off-road in the Sahara Desert there are no rules of the road to abide by! It's a great way for new drivers to build confidence behind the wheel, just don't forget to share your experiences on Drivetribe!

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  • It does look like a great time

      9 months ago
  • That looks like fun

      8 months ago
  • Sounds amazing. Would love to do something like this one day

      8 months ago
    • A Drivetribe team perhaps? I warn you though, it can be quite addictive. The first rally I ever took part in was driving a Beetle across the Sahara, since then I've driven all over the world, including my longest journey which was UK to...

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        8 months ago