Fancy being part of The Grand Tour studio audience? Now's your chance

Apply for tickets to see the boys do their thing live on Season Two of The Grand Tour

4y ago

We don't have long to wait until the troublesome trio of Clarkson, Hammond and May take to our screens once again through their Amazon show, The Grand Tour. With the second season kicking off with the first live show on 25th October, Amazon has opened the floodgates to those that want to watch the 'holy trinity' in their element.

Changing the setup from last season, The Grand Tour will now take place in a sole location in the Cotswolds, UK. And if you want to be part of the studio audience for the shows that run weekly until the 19th December, Amazon has now made live an application form for you all to get stuck into. The form will close at 23:59 BST on 3rd October, so you better be quick.

Interested? Here's the link that you need:

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Comments (29)

  • It's a pity that I'm not from UK and wanted to see them 😢

      4 years ago
    • am not from uk... and i think that one day i'll just jump and go to find them all 😂

        4 years ago
  • You lose a bit of the "tour" aspect of it when you stay in one place.... but with the walking wounded on the team, perhaps that is prudent.

    Will you hit the road again for the third series?

      4 years ago
  • I want to a show of the grand tour, but the problem is it isn't sure that they get to Germany and where in Germany and i'm not 18 😥

      4 years ago
    • Sie waren ja in Stuttgart! Ich hab auch gesagt, wenn sie hier her kommen würde ich gerne hin gehen. 1 Woche später hab ich festgestellt, dass sie in Stuttgart, meiner Landeshauptstadt gefilmt haben :D Krasser Zufall....

        4 years ago
    • Cool, das war letztes Jahr oder? Und wenn sie in Deutschland sind muss man noch Glück haben und an die Karten kommen, was leider nicht so einfach ist

        4 years ago
  • why is the age limit 18?

      4 years ago
  • finaly! There is a date we all can´t wait now to come!

      4 years ago