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Fantic has always been known for the quality of its off-road motorbikes. Among them, the famous Caballero produced between 1969 and 1981 in various versions particularly stands out.

The original Caballero ( Photo Credits : www.pcfarina.eng.unipr.it )

For the 2018 edition of EICMA, the management of the Italian company proposed it again, aiming for a vehicle adept on even the most rough routes.

The new Caballero 500 Rally ( Photo Credits : www.motociclismo.it )

Called the 500 Rally, it was built based on a 499 cc Zongshen engine capable of delivering the power of 40 hp with torque of 43 Nm.

Compared to previous versions, the new model offers different details such as the paramotor, the cover plate grille, the front number plate and the front fork covers.

The rest of the mechanics have also been modified in an off-road key. Besides the high mudguard in the front section and the handlebar with crossbar, the bike has oversized race suspensions that reach 200 mm.

The front fork changes from 41 mm in diameter to 43 mm, adjustable in preload and hydraulics, and the swingarm with an aluminium variable section.

The wheelbase remains unchanged, and the same goes for the dimensions of the rims: from 17 "to the rear and from 19" to the front with 140/80 and 110/80 tires. The last ones have a tessellated profile, no matter the dimensions.

The braking system built by Bybre consists of two disc brakes mounted in each section. As a way of making the wheels travel easier on irregular surfaces, the saddle has been raised up to 860 mm.

In Fantic's intentions the Caballero 500 Rally should represent a return to the origins of the brand. Hopefully attracting a good number of customers thanks to its famous name. Only time will tell whether this ambition will become reality or not.

Description of the Caballero 500 Rally

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