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Nice little buy

18w ago

I picked these up today from a little boy on the side of the street who was selling a mixture of toys for pocket money. I felt sorry for him was just going to give him £5 until I noticed these little beauties 😮 the lad wantEd a £1 per car feeling amused with them I gave him £10 and Off I went like a little kid 🤣

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  • Dammmmnnn ... sweet sweeet sweeeeeet score ... that kid is gonna grow one day, cry and say wtf have I done 😂 but a nice life lesson on how money comes and goes but somethings are more valuable than any amount ... nice pics btw

      4 months ago
    • Haha true!! Kids these days are only int in getting money for Vbucks for online gaming

      I have the supra, charger, F-150, Leon’s R33 and Johnny & suki s2000’s stashed away in the loft so these are going into foam and join them 🙂

      I had Brian’s...

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        4 months ago