Fast and Furious director hints at Jurassic Park crossover possibility

"Well, I've never said never to anything"

9w ago

Hollywood has given us some strange movie crossovers over the years but this may just top everything to date. Director of Fast & Furious 9, Justin Lin, did not say no to the possibility of a film where fast cars and excessive action meet the Jurassic Park universe. In a virtual press conference for his upcoming film, Lin was asked if the two worlds would ever collide. "Well, I've never said never to anything", he responded.

"And the fact that part of our philosophy is not to ever be boxed in or labeled. And that's all I will say". The Fast & Furious franchise has taken many sharp turns over the decades; it went from street racing and the mafia to robbing banks and driving out of planes. With the last few movies producing some hefty box office numbers, it's no surprise that Lin is open to ludicrous ideas.

Michelle Rodriguez, who plays Letty in the Fast & Furious franchise, was keen on the concept. “Once you reach a certain pinnacle, there’s nowhere to go but to cross brand and merge. It’s what big corporations do with each other when they get too big, you know what I mean?” she stated.

“You just have to brand and merge with each other. But the only thing standing in the way is lawyers and studios. Because, usually the brands that you’re trying to merge belong to different studios or whatever. But it’s under the same umbrella. I don’t know. I’m just saying. It works.”

As both franchises are owned and managed by Universal Studios, it all seems possible to pull off. However, what would the film include? Vin Diesel in a Hennessey VelociRaptor 6X6 outrunning an Velociraptor with great velocity in Jurassic Park? Your guess is as good as ours.

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Comments (34)

  • well, this franchise is F*cked

      2 months ago
    • 2 months ago
  • Oh Yeah.....Neon green Twin Turbo T-Rexes with 60 speed transmissions and huge Superchargers.....Can't hardly wait....NOT...!!!

      2 months ago
  • This is ridiculous, I understand they have had to go bigger and a badder every time but the peak was Fast 5 and the others got a bit mission impossible, this idea is mission ‘I think you’re an idiot for even thinking this is a good idea’!!!

      2 months ago
  • Is this a joke? It's hilarious! 😂😂😂Just put Godzilla vs Mumble (Vin Diesel) and make an ever bigger gag out of it 😂😂😂

      2 months ago