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If you think that the juggernaut franchise that is the Fast and the Furious is running out of pace after its eighth instalment, think again as a live-action arena stunt show will be aiming to pack venues around Europe with die-hard petrolheads from January 2018.

Featuring a flip car capable of dispensing with London Police cars with ease, a Lykan Hypersport jumping between skyscrapers, a huge cargo plane being taken down during an attempted takeoff and even a submarine crashing through ice all in the name of entertainment, Fast and Furious live seems to have it all in terms of spectacular stunts.

The creative mad genius behind the live arena show, Rowland French, confirmed with some sadness that the Akula-class submarine is not a real one. French believes that the show is one of the biggest and most ambitious ever conceived. The £25m show is set break cover in London in January 2018 before travelling the UK and Europe before embarking on a worldwide tour.

Producers invited journalists to a “secret” base in the midlands dubbed “Fast Camp” to announce details of the live-action arena show that they believe will be the most spectacular live stunt production ever seen.

French, who alongside his fellow British producers James Cooke-Priest and Chris Hughes has been working on this passion project five years in order to make sure it’s absolutely right. The Top Gear alumni who was also the creative director of Top Gear Live, admitted to creating the story long before he ever decided to pitch the idea any potential backers.

He is, of course, a fan of the movies and a massive petrolhead. Confessing to watching the first three films 30 to 40 times alone. The final concept for the live arena show is to take 18 stunts from the eight films and squeeze them into a two-hour show featuring real-life actors and narrative.

The producers insist that the show is geared to appeal to a broad audience other than just the traditional younger audience, stating that the films broad appeal of a multi-national cast and appeal would translate into a live environment like a Cirque du Soleil with copious amounts of tyre smoke and drifting.

As for the live show itself, the remit is an adrenaline-fuelled two-hour show that will attempt to seamlessly blend a mix of live-action story and stunt-driving featuring a number of the iconic hero cars from the franchise including Brian O’Connor’s Toyota Supra and Dom’s black Dodge Charger.

The show will recreate some of the biggest and boldest scenes from the film via never before attempted state-of-the-art 3D projection mapping to transport fans right into the middle of the action of this extension of the Fast and Furious universe.

For the live-story portion of the show, British actors Elysia Wren and Mark Ebulue have been chosen as the leads. Both will work alongside the eleven stunt drivers who were chosen from 2,000 who applied to be a part of the production.

The producers said that the cost of taking such a huge show on tour is £10m with the cost of stunts and cars chiming in at a further £15m. This moving high-octane circus has a total of 67 touring crew, 70 tonnes of equipment, 41 vehicles that requires 36 transporter trucks to circumnavigate the globe.

Fast and Furious live makes its public bow at London’s O2 on 19 January 2018 – from there it will tour extensively visiting 23 cities in 14 countries across Europe. If this tour proves successful then it will further tour in the USA, South America in 2019-20 with China and Asia on the cards for 2021 before it returns to Europe in 2022.

Fast & FuriousLive tickets go on sale at 9:00am (local time) on Friday 29 September and can be found here.

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