Fast and Furious stunt driver: Anthony Scott.

What's it like to drive all those cars and meet Vin Diesel??

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Sarah: So can you introduce yourself to the readers of DriveTribe that don't know who you are?

Anthoony: Hi everyone I’m Scotty, I live in a small town called Hexham near Newcastle upon Tyne, whey aye man ! .

Sarah: Can you tell us about yourself right from the very start?

Anthony: Oh wow where do I start, around 15 years ago I had an import car parts business and one day in strolls an Irish chap asking if I could store a Drift car, I had heard of drifting but didn’t know much about it, so the car landed and I loved it. I did a bit of work on the car for him and headed down to Teeside to watch a Drift event and I was hooked, quickly put an old R33 together and drifted Teesside most Sunday’s, soon trashed the car and parted it out, then I build an R34 from my parts collection and got into competing in BDC etc, that car got sold to a Russian guy which funded building the car I still have to this day, the S13 Rocket Bunny, the 1st car competing in Europe ever to wear that body Kit. The car took me all over the world, happy days. That Irish chap was Niall Gunn, founder of Driftallstars, the series that took me around the world with a lot of great drivers, James Deane being one of them. I have worked with a load of great shows in the Drift car which lead eventually to the pinnacle, driving in fast and furious live.

Sarah: What got you interested in cars? What age were you?

Anthony: I was into carts and mainly motorbikes from a very young age, lots of after school time flying around a field on very ratty looking bikes, eventually getting into motocross and endure racing. I got a summer job at the local VW Audi garage that led to an apprenticeship once I left school at 16.

Sarah: What did your parents think of this?

Anthony: Not a lot, my dad hated motorbikes but realised my passion and followed my motoring career with pride.

Sarah: What age were you when you first drove a car? What was your first car? At what age?

Anthony: Around 12 I think, my first car was a Morris Marina (yes I’m that old ) bought by my parents from the old boy next door when I was 17 to try and get me away from motorbikes.

Sarah: Why did you pick above said car?

Anthony: It was chosen for me ha, I went on to buy a lot of very old mini’s, they where great fun.

Sarah: What caught your attention about drifting/stunt driving etc?

Anthony: The sheer madness of drifting drew me in, I loved rally and Drift just looked a combination of sideways rally cars and mad tuned cars, drifting led into stunt driving.

Sarah: What made you think you could drift/stunt drive?

Anthony: I always knew I could do both at a very young age, even before teaching myself to drive.

Sarah: What was your first proper competition car?

Anthony: The R34 I built, loved that car.

Sarah: What was the first event you competed in?

Anthony: The predecessor of BDC, Eurodrift as it was called.

Sarah:What was your favourite car you have ever had?

Anthony: Road car, a wide body 1978 911 (wish I still had it) Drift car, I still have it 😉

Sarah: Would you rather be a spectator, participant or judge?

Anthony: Participant, I hate to watch any Motorsport, I just want to be in it !

Sarah: If you could change one thing about your career to date what would it be?

Anthony: Discovering drifting a lot earlier

Sarah: Why did you start the whole side of professional driving as a career?

Anthony: For the money ! Lol only joking, I just love to drive and travel.

Sarah:Moving onto your current job as a stunt driver in the Fast and Furious live arena tour, tell us about this, how did it all come about, how did you get the job?

Anthony: A friend and stunt rider who I had worked with many times (Mark Vandrell, aka Vandal) pointed it out to me and said “this is right up your street you have to go for it”

I sent in my cv and ended up auditioning along with over 2000 other people, went through the process and was lucky enough to be picked as one of the 11 drivers. The show lasted a year, we did over 65 shows, the most memorable thing I have ever done, traveled to some fabulous destinations and met a lot of amazing people, the whole show became close family, no really we have #fastfamily the drivers stay in constant touch.

Sarah: When it’s time for retirement, what would Anthony like to be remembered for?

Anthony: For building crazy cars and driving them hard !

Have a gander at some of the Fast and Furious pictures Anthony sent me!

If anyone needs a stunt driver or would like to sponsor Anthony in this drifting career please get in contact with him through his Facebook page:

Also a big thanks to all the photographers especially Andrew McCann:

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