- We look back over the weeks to reflect on Meals, Motors, Mindsets, and Motivations behind Supercar Owners

Hi everyone, this is the host of the FCFC interviews and lunchtime conversations. As you all have experienced such lunchtime chit-chat of this nature, it was introduced from the team that we share in the festivity of lunch in the presence of Supercars.

Sure, why not? Let's go for it. We had permission from "The Trio" to write, post, record, document, and submit any materials that we saw fit that did not cut-off any of these rules (HERE) and so, I linked up with a highly motivated, eager, hungry, and very creative crew of individuals that sought to bring something to the table.

What we have is a season one collection of supercar owners that enjoy their cars, enjoyed a free lunch, and the oppportunity to share and combine those two traits under our own motivation to present to the World just what we are about, the owners stories of vehicle ownership, ability, mentality, and purpose behind their own thoughts of their favorite automobile(s).

Season 1 has been a fantastic adventure. We have only just begun (CUE The Carpenters!) Season 2 will seek to bring you - the viewer inside the screen - more entertaining footage, some in car material, like, just bring extra napkins with you while reading because the imagination of this team is so far beyond my level of average operation, I have to constantly ask them questions about the "who", the "what", the "when", "where", "why", and "how" we are going to do this or that.

But, it works out. Extraordinary well.

Let's review the rides for the viewers who missed a few episodes (no worries, we forgive you)


To Our SuperLunchers of Season 1:

We simply cannot thank you all enough for spending the afternoon with us in the presence of your supercars and enlightening us with your very unique, inspiring, motivational, and successful stories from this season.

In order of interview:

1. 2f@st4U - Ford GT Story Here

2. Smoke - Bentley Continetal Supersports Story Here

3. Poncho - Ariel Atom V8 Story Here

4. Wally - Nissan GT-R Story Here

5. Peaches - Pagani Zonda F Story Here

6. Lizard - Jaguar XJ220 Story Here

7. Doris - Porsche 911 GT3 RS Story Here

8. Slingblade - Lamboghini Aventador LP 700 Story Here

9. Dingo - DOdge SRT Viper GTS Story Here

10. Heavy - Ferarri F40 Story Here

To each of you, we wish you all the best and the most success in your own endeavors.

Fast Casual, Faster Cars CREW & Staff

Nuvelty Media, 2019.

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