- Fast Casual has #SuperLunch with Dingo and his Dodge SRT Viper

Welcome back to "Fast Casual, Faster Cars" and today we #SuperLunch with Dingo and his Dodge Viper GTS

Dingo is a World Record Holder, Professional Poker Player, and Entrepreneur

DISCLAIMER: Here on FCFC, we respect the right to privacy of our guests. All names, locations, and cars have been changed to suit the digital market. Everything else is all yours for entertainment purposes.

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DISCLAIMER: Here on FCFC, we respect the right to privacy of our guests. All names, locations, and cars have been changed to suit the digital market. Everything else is all yours for entertainment purposes.


Time - 1:01p

Lunch Location - Modern Market

Lunch for Afternoon - (1) Chipotle Steak Sandwich, (1) Tender Belly BLT+A Sandwich, (2) Bags of Potato Crisps, (1) Fire Roasted Veggie side, (4) Bottled waters, Extra Napkins

FCFC: Dingo, thank you for being on the show, even though you have never been here before.

Dingo: I thank you for lunch and the reason to drive this beast today (laughs)

FCFC: Absolutely, I mean, this is the first of our series hosting a Viper, so, we’re like school kids on the last day of school for Spring Break.

Dingo: I understand. I have hosted many lunch and leisure meetings with her [The Viper], and the expressions of those who favor this car are displayed (laughs) just like you are right now (laughing).

FCFC: Dingo, I apologize, I just have a sweet spot for this car, and you have done a lot of nice things as well, if I may say. Let’s begin. How did you find yourself in the possession of this MOST AMAZING Viper GTS?

Dingo: (Laughs) Well, as you are aware of, I did fairly well at the poker tables in my career, and now, I have turned those earnings into more suitable, low-risky behaviors, which are still a gamble, but, return, most times, in greater return than folding cards around. I was in a Carribean casino one weekend at a tournament, and was on a rather solid run throughout the weekend.

I cashed the chips and enjoyed the stay with my (at the time) girlfriend, and seen this car lot full of automobiles, some looked like they were freshly delivered days before. Low Miles, clean, perfect, solid vehicles.

We stroll along and find another parking garage in the lower deck of this automotive metropolis, and below, we find the salesman, a few clients of his, over four million dollars worth of supercars, all surrounding by chain linked fencing and a man in the corner holding an AK-47.

I mean, the sight could not have been more Miami vice like.

I see this Viper just nestled between two Porsches, and decide to stroll over, with my lady in tow.

From the price tag of this thing, I could have bought six of these - right then - just from my earnings on the Island, so, why not? Let’s see what’s on the inside, and I opened the driver side door and took a nice (imatating turning the steering wheel at '10' & '2') child-like fantasy as a stationary driver through the imagined hills and mountains of my hometown while occupying the driver’s seat.

With my seat cover seated next to me, and imagining the imagery road in front of us, I was interrupted by this voice of a thick islander ascent that warmed the side of my face,

“Chu’ haf found ya’ chdream car, sir. aye well fetch chu' dah keys.”

Moments later, he returned with key and delear decal badge in hand. I couldn't believe he just tossed me the keys to this car without paperwork or identity measurements or nothing.

But, he did.

And away we went. Tossing a thumbs up to the man in the corner, we set off. Cruising along the island, really driving this beast like a true Viper was intended. Receiving a lot thumbs up and smiles scrambling past intersections, I did believe I had found my next car. Passing alongside a hilly overlook of the island, we cruised the backbending corners of the islands most intimate sheltered coves, singing the Vipers 650hp engine with every turn, carving harder and harder as we reached the 8.0 mile stretch of highway.

I had, in fact, found my next supercar.

Considering, back home, the only thing I was driving was my trusty and most reliable Volvo S60, I mean, nothing was going to top her from my ownership. But, giving the times and moments of my weekend, dropping four and half big blinds on this car was a manageable and well worthy purchase.

Fast forward some time later, having this car shipped over two thousand miles and across International waters, I had her standing in my driveway, almost two years ago three months ago.

She has had a few upgrades since, but still the same Island queen I fell in love with over 2 years ago.

FCFC: What have you had done to her?

Dingo: Well, I must shout out the tuning company, Mopar, because they really boosted this beast well beyond imaginable. I was going into this thinking that I was getting a few tuning upgrades, an oil change, and likes. But no. I was wrong.

“Oh no, sir. We have made your Viper one of the most dangerous snakes in the state”

Their exact words from the tuners at Mopar, not mine.

Now, I bought her - used, remind you - at about 645-650HP, and these wizards of Mopar gave her a makeover of an additional 275HP, a new brake kit and system on all four points, a tighter and lighter suspension, an elite 4 package spring / autumn tire collection, an elite deluxx exhaust system, and a Mopar air freshener (laughter).

As a daily driver, she was hard on the wallet, fuel wise, because she is a very thirsty gal, but, her power is so supreme. It is worth it. However, well beyond my faculties of comprehension. Which is why I have opted into track days. I’m still in the classroom and learning the basics, but, I am advancing quite nicely.

FCFC: Training for taming, I like it. How often do you drive it?

Dingo: On days the weather is nice. Or if the lady wants to go shopping. Visiting family, meet-ups, Viper clubs, some tracks events, and this Summer I am loading her up for an eight week tour in an auto showcase.

FCFC: Where is she going?

Dingo: A sweep of the Northeast, a day in Canada, then coming down to Detroit for a pick-up, where I am playing in a poker tourney for the weekend. It worked out rather nicely.

FCFC: What does this supercar mean for you, as an owner?

Dingo: It can vary from day to day. For me, I see this car, and think, “Wow, what a wonderful piece of machinery, of such power, that can still be upgraded and maintained to the levels of superior racing schools. Then, the kid inside me sees this like a matchbox / hotwheels toy, and just wants to drive it all over the place, I mean, drive her miles and miles and miles without stopping - I mean, I have done this before on the full month I had the Viper, I drove from coast to coast, and back again just to do it. Just me, the car, thousands of acres and roadways to traverse, I did it in under six days. Just a casual trek of driving pleasure.

(Laughter) to answer your question, this car is a means to a higher level of adventure travel. It costs a bit more to do so, but, the memories made were well worth it.

FCFC: I love that, your journey from coast to coast - and BACK again!?? I would love to hear about this drive and adventure that you took, perhaps in a later series? Maybe, you could come back and share your C2C travels with us?

Dingo: Are you bringing Lunch?


Dingo: Count me in, then.

FCFC: I love it. (Looking at Frank, the cameraman: We have new homework to plan for. MARK THAT DOWN!) Dingo, what would be your next car purchase in the near future?

Dingo: I thought about an SUV for the longest. Simply because I have transitioned into a more suburban environment, so I will need things, eventually, that will require hauling things. I had my eyes on the Tacoma, the Ridgeline, the Ford 350, something heavy duty that could serve me in this new housing shift. But, power is still a factor, speed is a must. We’ll see, though.

FCFC: Whatever you decide on next, whether car, truck, or SUV, would you come back for another interview?

Dingo: Absolutely. I’ll come back as long as you’re buying me lunch, deal?

FCFC: Deal! And we can put together a package for a monthly deal to have you share some stories about yourself and the Viper and the newest toys you have purchased, perhaps?

Dingo: I can work with that. You just keep me posted and I’ll allot time for lunch sessions.

FCFC: We can do that. We will do that. And on that note, This has been FCFC, ladies and gentlemen. I thank Dingo and his Viper, the CREW and Staff working the lenses and mics, big shout-out to our sponsors today, Modern Market for an amazing lunch & Real Racing 3 by Electronic Arts. (Download the App here: www.ea.com/games/real-racing/real-racing-3)

If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then, supercars are the gift boxes they come inside of.

Heavy, NUVElty Media.

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