- Fast Casual has Lunch with Heavy and the Ferrari F40

On today's Fast Casual, Faster Cars, we dine with Heavy and his Ferrari F40.

Heavy is a notoriously sought after guitar and harp manufacturer with an expanding portfolio reaching back to the year of his family’s beginning in the year of the 1800’s.

DISCLAIMER: Here on FCFC, we respect the right to privacy of our guests. All names, locations, and cars have been changed to suit the digital market. Everything else is all yours for entertainment purposes.

Nuvelty Media, 2019.

DISCLAIMER: Here on FCFC, we respect the right to privacy of our guests. All names, locations, and cars have been changed to suit the digital market. Everything else is all yours for entertainment purposes.


Time? 02:09p

Location? SPIN! Pizza

Fast Casual Lunch? (1) 12" Sausage and Carmelized Onions Pizza, (1) 12" 5 Cheese Pizza, (1) 12" Veggie Pizza, (10) Bottled Waters, (6) To-go boxes, Extra Napkins

FCFC: Heavy, thank you for the opportunity for interviewing your story and this lovely piece of art parked next to us.

Heavy: Pleasure is all mine. I thank you for lunch today, too, because our board meeting ran longer than expected and I missed breakfast. You saved me. (laughter)

FCFC: Always delighted to help a fellow driver and #superlunch guest whenever we can. So, Heavy, can you share with us about your journey into ownership of this fine piece of Ferrari artistry beside us?

Heavy: After college, I had been working with wood and string instruments for a while, and applied, just on sheer “Whatever happens, happens” type of vibe, for a position with a company that offered strengths of my skill set, as an entry level intern.

During this time, I developed a series of guitars for our prototype scale, never intending it to be made into something larger than just having ideas out of the head and into the physical universe, which began to gather notice and traction of the higher-ups of talents.

From this very station, I had designed over 200 guitars in detail that fostered over 45% redesign rates that went on to sale for figures beyond the seven figure mark.

Fast forward five years later, I design a Ferrari themed string band kit that made its way into the home of a Ferrari dealership for over two quarters, in which, by this time of just working and designing, earned me enough to purchase this F40 that was not brand “new new”, but new enough for me to own and call my own.

Once the display of the band set was closed, the kits and the F40 was shipped over and arrived back in the USA dealership of our building and it was there that I was greeted with my first supercar to legally and physically drive on the city streets.

FCFC: How was that first drive for you, on American soil?

Heavy: Absolutely Brilliant. No other drive has competed with it so far. I’m talking, full throttle runs, along hillside roads, overlooks, crosspaths, valleys, coves, everywhere this car goes, the VIP slip is covered in full and she is granted full performance status.

We were cruising the canyons, late into the evening, and the guest that I was with was growing tired, simply with the roads and the traffic pattern. We swung outwards of the crowd, and had our version of the Sprinters Rally in the wake of traffic, once beyond single lane division.

My co-pilot and I were cruising the interstate and holding strong within triple digits, for almost 50 or 60 miles, just clear, flat landscape that the eyes could massively comprehend. About 30 miles into the drive, the sky was no longer blue, but was full of deep oranges and magenta reds as the sun hid his light behind the horizon.

Our car was now a midnight missile - scaling passed traffic beyond the legal limit, and yes it was reckless, but, I had a lady in the seat next to me, so, the stakes were immediately raised - RECKLESSLY raised, and could have ended extremely badly, but rather recklessly for sure - and we were holding strong in the sun setting horizon at 175mph. Making amazing time to our checkpoint to nowhere, merely enjoying this blast through the highway and underpasses.

It lasted only moments, as to the traffic of the city that we were in was under construction, and we had extreme resistance of our initial speed plan with the mid afternoon rush hour - heavy commute traffic pattern of the locals.

We had crossed over into the neighboring state lines traffic commute, not realizing the time zone shift had made its way into our paradigm setting.

We were hauling ass, my friend.

FCFC: You are amongst a small group of #Superlunchers here that have been in a rally style run, and fortunately, a safe and successful run at that. Would you agree or disagree that these (Ferrari) cars can make one enjoy a drive - or, any drive - in such a hastily fashion?

Heavy: Speaking from my own point of view from behind my own supercar, it is all the driver at the end of the day. My Father, Mother, a few of my uncles, they all drive some form of high performance vehicle. Always have and always will. It has been a staple throughout the generations of our operations, and to this day, the only person collecting speeding tickets was myself - back in my earlier days of pre-car ownership days.

No matter what the car, honestly, as the driver, the wheel and throttle is in full possession of that driver. Circuit track or city street - it is our responsibility to be safe, and yes, I know your audience will vary in degree given their own specific region and locations in relation to this opinion, however, it is all on the driver. You will have some that are ultra responsible with their vehicles within certain speed zones, and then you have others that are super secure in their automotive operation that demands limits. Both drivers, regardless of their zone, limit, range, whathaveyou, are both in control and processing of their vehicular operations.

FCFC: Spoken like a driver with a strong paternal background in such supercar ownership, I would say.

Heavy: It has been a common motto, with a few additions and takeaways from driver to driver over the years, but the foundation never changes.

FCFC: With such a long legacy of super cars in your family’s portfolio, what would you say is the number one reason behind ownership of your own supercar?

Heavy: If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then, supercars are the gift boxes they come inside of. Does that even make sense? (Laughs) Like, when I drive the 40, it is like I am wearing a 450 Carat blinged out - whatever - diamond piece. Except, for my purchase, I have several factors to consider during wear and tear. Servicing. Maintenance. Insurance. Monthly cleanings. Inspection. It goes way beyond the parking lot.

FCFC: You also can let other people share in the beauty with ride-alongs, as well.

Heavy: YES! Exactly, sharing the joy, and even coming together with others who have similar tastes as well for such beauty.

FCFC: I like your style, Heavy, it works well.

HEavy: I thank you (laughs)

FCFC: Any other vehicles on your radar that you’re thinking about purchasing - AND - if you purchase it, would you come back for another #SuperLunch interview?

Heavy: Absolutely, I will be back. No question. Hmmm: for my next vehicle, if you look in my history, I have been scouting for older cars here recently. Not sure what your thoughts are on that, but, I have on the table a 74’ E-Type [Jaguar], 77’ Firebird [Pontiac], a Ferrari GTS, I believe is a late 80’s edition, a Testarossa that found me from Oregon which the owner is strongly encouraging me to purchase. I have a few options in the works, but no matter what we decide on in the future, I shall be back for Lunch - “SUPERLUNCH” number two.

FCFC: All strong selections for next season, and a secured spot for another Superlunch interview, Heavy. I truly thank you for meeting up with us today for this wonderful opportunity to have lunch with the F40, and I also want to thank all of you, our SuperLunch Club members of season 1, all of our on-location sponsors, Real Racing 3 for their insights and support, the CREW, Staff, and the readers - we do it for you all.

This season has been an amazing test run into what we can do, deliver, and bring for all parties involved, and if you stay around for another season we sure hope to up the ante on what happens between these meals and wheels.

It has been pleasure to serve and support these entries and drivers, and I can’t WAIT to see you all again for Season 2.

Until then, "may your meals be fast, and your vehicles faster"

Fast Casual, Faster Cars, NUVELTY Media, 2019.

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