- We chat with Lizard about his Jaguar XJ220

Today's 'Fast Casual, Faster Car' is the [Jaguar XJ 220] owned by "Lizard".

Lizard is a former professional basketball player and Hall of Famer.

DISCLAIMER: Here on FCFC, we respect the right to privacy of our guests. All names, locations, and cars have been changed to suit the digital market. Everything else is all yours for entertainment purposes.

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DISCLAIMER: Here on FCFC, we respect the right to privacy of our guests. All names, locations, and cars have been changed to suit the digital market. Everything else is all yours for entertainment purposes.


Time? 2:55p

Location? PotBelly’s

Fast Casual Lunch? (1) Pizza Sub sandwich, (1) Clubby sandwich (2) Bags of ‘Zapp’s Hotter 'N Hot Jalapeno chips’, (2) Dream Bars, (1) bag of mini cookies (to-go), (1) Bottle of Honest Organic Peach Tea, (1) Nantucket Nectars Orange Mango, (2) Bottled Waters, & Extra, EXTRA, Napkins

FCFC: Basketball fans, car fans, lunch fans, I'm in the presence of amazing right now - we have THE man himself, hall of Famer, former pro basketball player, stage 3 race car driver, a true Renaissance man - Mr. Lizard. AND, we have alongside Mr. Lizard, his super amazing Jaguar XJ220. A fantastic athlete with a fantastic piece of machine artistry.

How are you doing? And thank you for coming to lunch today.

"Lizard": Thank you for having me. And I'm full, (laughter) lunch was seriously on point. I can't eat another bite.

FCFC: Shout out to Potbelly’s for those "Slam Dunk" sandwiches.... was that too much? A "slam dunk" lunch?

"Lizard": (Laughter) I'll let you pass on that one. I know you're a bit excited. You're cool.

FCFC: AHH!! He’ll let me “pass”! Can I have a high five?

"Lizard": No.

FCFC: Fist-bump?

"Lizard": (Bumps)

FCFC: And there is it, I bumped with the legend. Question 1 to you, Mr. Lizard -

"Lizard": Just call me "Lizard".

FCFC: Alright, 'Lizard', I researched a bit, and your first attempted driving session was at your grandparents farm driving around your family’s tractors?

"Lizard": Wow, (laughter) you really went back. Haha, well, it was only for the summer because my grades were bad - all I was focused on was basketball. So, that last day of school right before summer break, I was sent to 'The Barn'.

That is what my grandfather nicknamed the old farmhouse.

And yes, I did learn the basics on how to drive during those HOT!, HOT!, summer days. Now, if we fast forward to today, after I had acquired enough funding to purchase the old farmstead, the tractor was still there, and all of the tools and barns, sheds - everything.

Come to find out, the fleet of tractors were all made by Lamborghini. I was shocked. Being so young, the badges didn’t mean anything to me, then. So, yeah, I had that entire summer as a student driver holding onto the wheel of a Lambo. I know it was a tractor, but, still the first EVER attempt at operating a vehicle of heavy size was still a Lamborghini.

FCFC: That summer really transformed you, academically, and now, fast forward when your amongst the top of your class all the way up through college, and now you have your first TRUE chance to purchase your dream car. What is it about this 220 that made you forever seek ownership?

"Lizard" I wanted to drive 200 miles per hour (Laughter). And it was achieved in the year of '96.

FCFC: Can you share a bit about this top speed run?

"Lizard": I had been away on vacation with an old friend, and during this time, I had the car on display and traveling around with a motor show for the summer and autumn seasons. I get the call from the motor show directors where they were with the car, and I happen to be only 4 hours away. The friend I was with thought it would be fun to go check it out, so, I immediately booked us the flight to Daytona Beach for the 23rd Annual Aqua Automotive Showcase.

We arrived on the site amongst thousands of car fans, automobile journalists, passersbyers, kids, families; it was like Disney World for automotive fans.

The event was coming to a close, most of the fans had left, and only the crew and stadium directors remained. My friend asked me, "do you think you could drive this now?"

I looked around to the other cars and they were being lifted onto trolleys for the next stage of the motor show. I asked around for the chief director of the motor show to ask him "could we drive the 220 to the next location of the tour?"

In this sort of manner, it was not allowed, however, using my (at the time) presence and know-abouts with the car and the basketball team, I decided to arrive at the motor show in full costume of our charity league, and have a basketball court meet us at the event, and giveaway a lot of merchandise on behalf of Aqua Automotive.

I bought the entire motor shows gift shop items as tokens of appreciation and gifts for the basketball court challenges that took place that afternoon. We even had all the items boxed and replaced on the trolley where my car would be, and we all headed off to the next location.

In the span of two and a half hours, we managed to cover serious ground. As soon as I reached the highway, I remember looking down and reading (250 km/h) on the tachometer. I do not condone this whatsoever, and looking back it was rather reckless.

I'm trying to focus on the road and decide to push it further. I yell out, "have you ever been 200 miles per hour before?"

She yells at me, "NO! And I don't want to, either!"

So, after clearing my throat fairly loudly, I proceeded to hammer down. The road cones at this point looks like orange streaking skid marks alongside the road. And were moving - the wind began swirling up inside the cabin, the dash speedometer is climbing steady, and I'm white knuckled at (9 & 3) on the steering wheel. The cars along the highway were appearing as if they were in park. The lines on the highway were almost solid. (Lizard, taking a swig of his orange Peace Tea) It was if we were racing the sunset to the edge of the World.

The last peak I read at the speedometer was around (325-330 km/h) just before the first curve approached ahead, which was the first one we ran up on for miles. That was an unforgettable drive, but truly, just one of things that happened as a youngin’ with a fairly new exotic car. But, the car handled and maintained extremely well, and we're still here. I don’t attempt speed feats like that anymore, just cruising and touring, really.


You know, this is the very first time I've told this story? Had my coach known I was racing around the lower Southeastern US, I don't know what would have happened.

FCFC: Was this fairly early in your career, though?

"Lizard": Yes, it was. I was in my mid twenties, if my math serves me correctly. And again, not a "most shareable" moment for me in the 220, actions of this accord are meant for the track, you know?

FCFC: I agree. And in that case, the crew and I thank you sharing your story and appetite with us today. Before you depart, we do ask all drivers the traditional #SuperLunch question: “what does ‘owning’ your very own supercar mean for you?" Also - "if you purchase another supercar, would you, 1. Come back for another interview / story, and 2. What supercar do you have your eye focused on for the future?"

"Lizard": Owning my very own supercar is like a trophy. Just one of many, but, as a kid, you have posters on the wall, you want it, and you work to win and be able to make it so. You must never give up.

Let’s see, my next vehicle is the Rolls Royce Phantom. I have already picked out my colors, my signature interior trim package, interior upholstery - the whole nine. So, looks like we might be having lunch again in the near future.

FCFC: Whenever you're ready for lunch again, we are ready to listen. 'The ball is in your court, my friend'.

And on that note, ladies and gentlemen, This has been “Fast Casual, Faster Cars” with “Lizard" and his Jaguar XJ220.

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